We Should All Give A Fuck

I hate the phrase, “I don’t give a fuck.” I don’t even like writing it.

Give a fuck. Give all the fucks. Did you ever stop and think that maybe “not giving a fuck” is why the world is a mess? Did you ever stop and think that this little phrase means it’s “cool” not to care?

We need to care.

Care about people, and not just your own tribe. Not just your own family. Not just your own loved ones or your own community.

Care about the faces of the strangers you see flash across the news or on your social media feeds. Care about the people you come across in the street. Care about the faces of those you’ll never meet. Care about the problems you read about or hear about in your community. Care about the stories you listen to on your podcasts. Hear the stories of those around you and care about their struggle. And when you think you’ve hit your maximum point of caring, dig deeper and care some more.

The world needs more people who care.

The world needs more people who care about problems that do not affect them directly. The world needs more people who care about problems and issues that do not hit their own hearts or their own wallets.

The world needs more people who care.

You shouldn’t have to know someone personally touched by injustice or tragedy or pain or disaster to be able to care about whatever horror has struck that soul.

The simple fact that another human being is in pain should make you want to do something to make it better. To right the wrong. To put some love and light back into the universe, and counteract the dark.

Stand with someone who is not your own. Listen to their stories. Hear the beats of their hearts and watch how your own heart will grow.

You might not think you have the capacity to care beyond your own circle or your own tribe. But human beings are a tribe of creatures that have always been capable of extraordinary things.

And you’re part of that, too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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