To Be Seen, To Be Heard, To Be Loved

The heartbeat of humanity beats with these three things: the desire to be seen, the desire to be heard, and the desire to be loved.

Every day ask yourself, “how do I see people?” Do you look them in the eye or do you look over their shoulder? How often do we look at another person and make a snap judgment about who they are based off what we see – rather than sticking around long enough to hear their story?

People need to be seen for who they are – not what they look like. Not what you think they represent. Not what you imagine them to be. Sit and have a conversation. Pause before you react. Think about what you’re going to stay to another individual before the words leave your mouth.

Dig deeper than what’s beyond the surface.

Every day ask yourself, “how do I hear people?” When they speak their heart and their truth to you, are you listening? Or are you gearing up for what you’re going to say next? If they’re sad, or hurt, or angry, are you letting their words rest in the air, or are you simply trying to make the pain go away?

Let them speak their words. Let them say their truth – what’s on their minds and pressing on their hearts. You don’t always have to fix everything – sometimes the greatest thing you can do for another human is to simply hear them. Therein lies dignity. Therein lies grace.

Give the grace you wish to be given.

Every day ask yourself, “how do I love people?” Love. It’s beautiful. It’s the thread of the fabric of life. But how do you love on people? Is it always about cards and flowers and boxes of chocolate? Or is it about standing with someone you love when they need it the most? Is it about seeing someone with their faults and flaws, and loving them, still?

Nobody is perfect. Everyone is flawed. And everyone, everywhere, needs love. Love is how we know we’re not alone in this world. Love is what helps us get through to tomorrow. Love is how we know we are seen. Love is how we know we are heard.

Love is what we need. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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