I Hope You Know That Even Though You’re Resilient, You’re Still Worthy Of Support

I hope you know that even though you’re resilient, it doesn’t mean that you’re not worthy of support.

When the people you love want to support you, it’s okay to let them in. It’s okat to let them into your world, into your mind, into your troubles, into your successes. This doesn’t diminish your resiliency—it just deepens the connection that you have with others.

You have withstood fire and wrath, and you have endured tragedy and heartache, and you have climbed your way back to the other side of pain. I hope you know that it’s okay to say that your heart still hurts a bit. I hope you know that it’s okay to say that even though the wounds are healing, they still feel raw. Acknowledging the hurt does not take away from the journey that you have had, nor does seeking support to salve the wounds that still burn.

I hope you know that even though you’re resilient, it’s okay to reflect that some things did burn. Some wounds are still healing. Some pain still lingers.

This doesn’t mean that you’re no longer resilient. It doesn’t take away from the rebuilding that you have done. It doesn’t mean that you are weak, or that you are needy, or that you haven’t gotten past whatever mountain was blocking your journey, whatever darkness that was smothering your light.

It just means that you too need support.

And that’s okay.

It’s okay to need support, to want support, to ask for support in our darkest days, in our cloudiest days, in the days and weeks and months of darkness.

That doesn’t mean you’re not resilient. It doesn’t mean you’re not going to do the work to get you back to the land of peace and joy. It just means that you are asking for someone to walk beside you in your journey through the thicket of darkness.

It just means you’d like someone to turn on the light. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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