Arya Deserves To Win

Arya Deserves To Win

Arya deserves to win.

Arya Stark, the younger daughter, and third child of Lord Eddard Stark and his wife Lady Catelyn Stark. She is feisty, she is spirited, and she says what everyone else is thinking but doesn’t quite have the guts to say. She bucks what society tells her to do, and will not let anyone put her into a certain mold just because she’s a girl.

I’m rooting for Arya.

Arya has watched her father get beheaded right before her very eyes. Her mother has been killed. Cersei and her band of monsters have killed her friends, her family members, and Lady, Sansa’s beloved direwolf. At an age when she should be playing, and exploring, and learning, and laughing – she’s been fighting to survive. The life she’s known was ripped away from her, her world has crashed down all around her, and yet, she’s still standing.

She’s still standing.

Arya has a spirit that has withstood the greatest horrors that can occur to another human, and yet, she does not break beyond repair. Instead, Arya is able to piece herself back together in a way that makes her stronger, bolder, and smarter.

Arya has literally become “no one”, and not fallen completely into darkness. When it seemed as if she’d be gone for forever, she still managed to crawl her way back to herself.

Arya Stark doesn’t let anyone tell her who she should be or what she should do.

Is she motivated by vengeance? Yes. Will she stop at nothing to honor the memory of her family? Yes. But can you really blame her? I don’t think so.

I’m rooting for Arya.

Arya is our constant source of hope that Cersei and The Lannisters will get what’s coming to them. Because of Arya, we believe that justice will be served. Because of Arya, we know that Cersei cannot rule for forever. Because of Arya, we believe that a better tomorrow is possible, that it’s within our grasp.

Arya is the one who continues to fight for family and for love. She is the one who seeks justice. Arya is the one who shows us what loyalty really means.

Arya has been to the depths of hell and back and back again – and yet, she still fights. And there is something hopeful about a spirit that can keep fighting, even after they have been beaten over and over again. There is something inspiring about a person who can claw their way back to the other side of heartbreak and horror, and still see that it’s always worth it to show up for the ones you love. There is something encouraging about a person who molds the world into what she thinks it is capable of, rather than letting the world shape her into something she is not.

I’m rooting for Arya – because she deserves to win. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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