35 Tiny Victories Worth Smiling About

1. Getting the recipe right and having whatever meal/dish you’re preparing taste as good as it looked on that food blog.

2. Parallel parking perfectly on the first try.

3. Getting a parking spot on the street in New York City. Or any city.

4. No traffic on the way to or from work.

5. Waking up early and not wanting to cry and/or scream.

6. Waking up before your alarm clock.

7. Waking up with your alarm clock and not hitting snooze.

8. Working a full day, and then making a healthy dinner instead of opting for take-out.

9. Winning tickets in a Broadway lottery.

10. Winning tickets in a Hamilton lottery.

11. Winning any lottery.

12. Blow drying your hair just like your hairstylist did after she cut it.

13. Remembering to take the garbage out before collection.

14. Remembering your friend’s birthday before Facebook reminded you.

15. Staying awake during a movie.

16. Getting a good deal on a flight.

17. Waiting until the sale at your favorite clothing store to buy whatever you’ve been eyeing.

18. Remembering to bring the coupons to that sale.

19. Making impromptu lunch dates that last much longer than you expected.

20. Making a perfect cup of coffee in the morning.

21. Working out at the gym when that’s the last thing in the world you really feel like doing.

22. Drinking the recommended amount of water in a day. (Half your body weight in ounces.)

23. Meeting your writing deadlines.

24. Crossing off the last thing on your “to-do” list.

25. Saving $5 on a latte and putting it in your bank account instead.

26. Remembering to take your reusable water bottle with you wherever you go.

27. Saying “no thank you” when you’re offered a plastic straw in a restaurant.

28. Dropping off dry cleaning as you pick other items up.

29. Only getting what you went to CVS for and not a million extra things.

30. Giving a stranger a compliment.

31. Holding the door open for someone when you’re entering/exiting a building.

32. Organizing your closet/home/space.

33. Getting that inbox to zero.

34. Laughing for the first time after you’ve been heartbroken.

35. Getting out of bed in the morning when all you want to do is crawl back under the covers and stay there. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I hate styling my hair.

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