This Is What It Really Means When You're An Empath

This Is What It Really Means When You’re An Empath

You’re sensitive. But it goes beyond that – it’s as if you absorb other people’s emotions. It’s like you take on their pain, their joys, their hopes, their fears, their sadness, and their happiness as your own. You feel what they feel in your bones. You carry it in your heart, too.

Your intuition is sharp. You see problems before others do, you feel the emotions of others before they bubble to the surface, too. It makes you want to fix it – swiftly, carefully, and seamlessly – you do your best to try. Sometimes it works, and sometimes you’re too late, or it’s just simply too big a feat to do alone. But you keep trying, cause you’d hug the whole world if you could.

You love people, but you need your alone time, too. In the silence you can think better, in solitude you can see things clearer, you might even breathe a bit easier, too. So you find yourself drawn to the beach, to the sun, to the woods – the heat on your face, the wind in your hair, the sand beneath your toes are soothing, healing, reviving. Nature gives you perspective. Nature lets you regain your strength.

Your heart is huge. Maybe your parents say it was this big at birth, that as a child you always noticed the pain of others, and did whatever your little brain could think of to make them happy. When you were a little older, you gave your heart away without a second thought, because, well, you don’t know how not to love. Love is within you, it’s in every fiber of your being, every thought within your brain. You lead with love, you let love lead you. As big as your heart is, the bigger your breaks can be, too. And it’s a constant inner fight – the battle of self-preservation versus being true to what you know how to do so well – love freely.

You are an empath. A warrior of sorts. A human who feels so deeply, strongly, and greatly that it can be hard at times to navigate through this life with such emotions.

It can be tempting to tamper them, to tame them, to train your brain not to care about the stories you read, the people you love, the things that keep you up at night and stay without you throughout the day. Perhaps you tell yourself that it’s too much energy to worry about the world as you do. Maybe you tell yourself that you care too much, too. When that happens, I hope you tune those thoughts out. When that happens, I hope you remember that your big heart is so greatly needed in this world.

You are a blueprint of all the goodness that humans can be – to be able to care for our tribe, and also people that are not our own is a magnificent thing.

It’s a superpower.

And when you channel it, you are most certainly a superhero. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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