If You Could Feel Your Spirit Dance, How Would You Move?

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If you could feel your spirit dance, how would you move?

I think you’d stand a bit taller.

I think you’d push your shoulders back. I think you’d raise your chin. I think you would lift your eyes to soak in the world around you. Gone would be the days of shrinking yourself so that the world would not see your soul. Gone would be the days of you trying to take up the least amount of space as possible in a room.

You’d stand tall, you’d stand proud. You would own your space, and it would be beautiful.

If you could feel your spirit dance, how would you move?

I think you’d lean into your instincts more.

I think you’d let yourself lean into the work that gives you butterflies. I think that, when an idea comes to you that sets your soul on fire, the kind of idea that makes you too excited to sleep, you’d trust those butterflies. You’d lean into the hard work, knowing that the fruits of your labor will manifest themselves in the way you have dreamt. You know this because you can feel the butterflies. You feel the butterflies because you’ve leaned in.

I think you’d see danger more. I think you’d see safety more. I think you’d learn the cues that your body gives you always mean something. Quick breaths, dancing butterflies, the hairs on the back of your neck, the flip in your stomach, the sparkle in your eyes, the rabbit hole of your own emotions, the calmness of your soul — they mean something if you just listen.

If you could feel your spirit dance, how would you move?

I think you’d find more moments of celebration.

I think you’d stop and celebrate the tiny victories. I think you’d cherish the big ones, too. I think you’d see the gratitude that can be found in each and every day and little moments of joy, too. I think you’d seek reasons to celebrate your own tiny victories and the tiny victories of those around you. I think that your elation would be contagious to the people that you meet. You’d remember that each and every day is a gift and a moment to celebrate.

You’d always find a reason to dance. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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