This Is How To Celebrate The Holiday Season, No Matter Your Relationship Status

This is my first married Christmas.

WAIT – before you curse the editors for publishing this and click out of this article, keep reading for a moment.

Cause while I have no tidbits of wisdom on a married Christmas, I do know quite a bit about being single throughout the holidays.

Another Christmas card comes in the mail. Perfect pictures with perfect family, and you can’t help like feeling that the whole world is on Noah’s ark in perfect little twos and you’re the only one outside of the ship.

You go off to a Christmas party, a Hanukkah party, a holiday party, a family party, a work party…and the question always comes up.

You know, the question.

Are you dating anyone?

And you smile, and you say no, and inside you’re planning your escape route out of this situation.

Cause you don’t want to answer any more questions about your love life, and you just want to talk about the latest show on Netflix, or the amazing things you’re doing at work, or, quite frankly, anything else other than your love life.

And I’m here to remind you that it’s OK. It’s ok to say no to those Christmas parties if they’re going to make you feel anxious, or sad, or depressed, or less than. It’s OK to change the subject and brag about the accomplishments you’re proud of, the dreams you’re working towards, and goals that you’ve achieved this year. It’s OK to sit at home and binge-watch those Hallmark Christmas movies and have a cozy night in with yourself.

It’s OK.

Too often we press our own visions of happiness onto other people, and for those on the receiving end of such sugary visions, it can get tired.

So I’m just here to remind you that whether you’re single, whether you’re married, whether you’re in a domestic partnership – the season is about celebrating – how and when you see fit. I hope you surround myself with those who make you want to share in the joy of this special time of year, not feel as though you’re somehow less than deserving of holiday happiness because of your relationship status.

Breathe in the season, stay still for the magic, and if you’re single – who cares? You’re still deserving of the warmth, love, and joy this time of year is supposed to bring. Thought Catalog Logo Mark