23 Truths You’ll Come To Realize At University

Flickr / Seattle Municipal Archives
Flickr / Seattle Municipal Archives
  1. You will eat unhealthy the majority of the time. It’s okay. Go to the gym when you can, it helps you feel better – I promise. But in the meantime, don’t stress, you have plenty of time after graduation to work on your habits.
  2. You’ll discover that RA’s are people too. And pretty fantastic people, at that. Their advice and guidance are great, but their slutty brownies are even better.
  3. If you are a freshman, DO NOT FOR A SECOND WISH TO BE ANYTHING OTHER THAN A FRESHMAN. NEVER in your life will you live in such close proximity to so many of your friends and while it seems hard at times, it’s – simply put – one of the greatest experiences of your life. Dorm life teaches you a lot about relationships and communication. Make sure you take every possible chance to meet someone new. It will never again be so easy.
  4. You will make mistakes. You will go too far. You will get in over your head.
  5. You will crush on someone you’ve never talked to a day in your life and inevitably feel crushed when you see them hooking up with someone else. It’s okay. Everything happens for a reason, there will be someone even more special for you.
  6. You will meet teachers who will help guide you for years to come, and you will meet teachers who will never even bother to learn your name.
  7. You will be placed in awkward situations, plenty of them. Whether it’s sexiled, friendzoned, tripped, pantsed, puke, etc.
  8. You will learn and MASTER the art of group projects. You really have no option – either you master it or it will master you.
  9. You’ll push your limits.
  10. You’ll still need your mom and dad’s advice. Keep in touch. They’re your biggest supporters, don’t forget.
  11. You’ll stay up late on days you most definitely shouldn’t. Whatever. You can sleep when you’re dead.
  12. You’ll meet people who challenge everything you’ve ever believed, and you’ll benefit from this.
  13. You’ll learn what you like best about people, and what you really just can’t stand.
  14. You’ll learn what it takes to be a real friend (moment of silence for all the “moms” of friend groups everywhere).
  15. You’ll get a bad grade, or a couple, or a lot more than you really should.
  16. But you’ll get back on track, because, at the end of the day you are trying to graduate and make something of yourself.
  17. You’ll have your laundry touched, and I’m not talking sweatshirts here, people.
  18. You’ll have a night where your friendships are tested, and your strength is marginalized as your brain goes on vacation for the night and leaves you making stupid decisions, all thanks to a little bottle. Don’t make it a regular thing. Having fun is important, but realize when you are going too far. No one likes the person who’s drunk every weekend. Don’t let it be you.
  19. You’ll have those days where you feel like you’re struggling just to stay afloat. Work piles up at the end of the semester, and obligations only increase as the semester goes on, so make sure you learn what it means to PRIORITIZE and PLAN AHEAD.
  20. You’ll oversleep and miss a class, or a meeting, or a practice. Panic isn’t the answer. Calmly explain the situation and work toward fixing it with those you let down.
  21. You’ll learn what’s worth fighting for, and that boys just never are. Put things in perspective, what means more to you in the long run?
  22. And maybe, at the end of the day, you’ll learn something… or maybe not.


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