10 Signs Your Intuition Has Kicked Into High Gear

Timothy Krause
Timothy Krause

1. You say a word or phrase and a minute later you hear that exact word or phrase.

For example, you are speaking with your parents about taking some courses at ITT Technical Institute, and not even a minute later, the ITT Tech commercial is being played on the TV in the other room. And I mean the one that you have not seen for months now.

2. You think of someone you haven’t talked to in a while and later on that day, you receive a call from them.

This often scares you because you start getting the sense that if you think of someone enough, they will not be able to help but be in your life because inevitably, they will be thinking of you too. This happens too often to not describe a sense of possible psychic abilities. The person you have not thought about or heard from in a while suddenly pops into your head one day, and by night they are sending you an “I miss you, let’s get together text message.”

3. You are quietly singing a song in your head only to turn on your radio to hear that exact song playing.

It gets even weirder when the song comes on at the exact part that you were going over in your head. You find yourself singing a song that pops in your head only to get to your car in the morning to turn on the radio and be welcomed with the same song, almost as if the radio was trying to finish your train of thought.

4. You may not always have the facts regarding a situation, but you just “know” the answer.

Your spidey senses may pick up on surrounding clues of what the answer is, even though the answer is not staring you in the face and tells you point blank what it is. You find yourself being able to crack mysteries all the time with great certainty and becoming obsessed with doing so.

5. You can’t help but feel that you are telepathic.

You feel as though you can read the minds of those around you, especially your family and friends. Even as you travel through crowded places such as the mall or an amusement park, you still feel the same. You know what the woman is thinking as she is browsing through the lotion isle. You can just tell what the elderly man is thinking as he awaits his prescriptions in line at Wally World.

6. You see the number 1234 everywhere.

Whether it is on the clock, on an address of a house, in a phone number, you find yourself recognizing the number pattern of 1234 quite frequently, possibly even more than anyone else you know. Other numbers schemes such as 111,222,333,444,555, and 666 are common as well.

7. You have déjà vu way too often.

You cannot shake the constant feeling that you have been here before. You have been in that same situation, with the same people, doing the exact same thing. And no, it was not in a dream.

8. You have an inner instinct that tells you when someone is lying.

You may trust someone with your whole heart or have just met them, but you have an immaculate sense when it comes to detecting lies. You find yourself calling people out all of the time for lying, especially when others are completely fooled.

9. You get the feeling you are not alone.

You wonder where the thoughts in your mind randomly come from, and gain a sense of spirituality with the universe because of this curiosity. You begin to start feeling that your thoughts are not just coming at random anymore, yet, maybe your inner self, universe connection, or spiritual guide, is sending those thoughts and feelings your way.

10. You can tell the future.

You know exactly where you will be in one, two, five, ten years. In fact, you know where everyone close you will be in those amounts of times as well. The future will not be an unknown guess to you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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