Is Anyone Else Tired Of Meaningless Sex? Don’t People Want To Feel Love?

Shutterstock / Richard Scalzo
Shutterstock / Richard Scalzo

Is anyone else tired of meaningless sex? Of one-night-stands and half-assed dates that we both know are going to end up in a bed somewhere and then never to see each other again? Why are we so terrified of something real?

Call it what you want – open relationships, friends with benefits, not putting a label on it – our generation is so scared of opening up and giving all our love and attention to someone. I would think, as a 20-something, I would have some idea of what love is, but to be honest, I have no clue. I understand lust and I am great at faking passion for a one-night stand, but what if I actually truly loved someone? That seems like such a foreign concept to me.

Maybe because our generation is always looking for more, looking for the fastest and easiest solution to a problem, and relationships completely going against that idea. Relationships are hard and take time and energy. We need things done quickly and efficiently. One-night-stands take little time, little energy, and next to no emotional investment – perfect for our fast-paced lifestyle. But what are we losing to gain instant sexual gratification? We are losing companionship and the ability to care about someone other than ourselves.

We are terrified of rejection. Bold over social media, invisible in person. Too used to hiding behind screens, the art of face-to-face communication has been lost. We are closed off and only let others see what we want them to see. We build our reputation not by our actions, but what actions we choose to share over the Internet. We never get a good look at who a person actually is because everything is seen through a filter. We can’t make real connections with glorified versions of each other because we don’t actually know who we are and who they are.

I am done with the meaningless sex and the lack of true personality; I want to feel a real connection. I want to feel love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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