Believe It Or Not, You Can Live The Life You Want

Woman standing on a park bench and surveying the city below
Aaron Birch / Unsplash

No one said making changes to your life is easy. In fact, it is very hard. Especially when you have so much responsibility. You can preach to anyone about how they need to do this and need to do that to make a change, but the courage has to come from inside that person. Everyone is going to judge your actions, so you might as well go forth and live the life you want to anyway!

We all have different dreams and aspirations, whether it’s to be a stay at home mum with a beautiful family or a high-powered career type. It doesn’t matter what it is, everyone is different. I would never look down on a woman who aspired to be the best mum in the world and taking care of her family, and I would never look down on a woman who never wants children and wants money and riches. The most important part of it all is happiness.

Are you happy with your life? Are you happy with where your life is going? If not, then take another path, do something different. It really is true when people say if you want to make a change then change the way you do things.

I recently handed my notice in at work, and even though it is risky, I have never felt better. I work in a facilities company, not earning enough money and burning myself out. Some days I would be sitting at work and feel like I wanted to burst into tears because of how my life had gone. I don’t like working in the city, wearing smart suits, and being around loads of people. It’s just not me and not in my nature to live like that. Understanding this more, and at the risk of my mental health being on the line, I decided to quit. I am going to temp and figure things out.

Yes, I live on my own, I have bills to pay and responsibilities at home. But my happiness and mental health will always be more important than any job I have and if the reason why I am so depressed and miserable is because of my job and finances then I need to make a change. I am scared, I don’t know what is going to happen next. But I am now starting to feel comfortable in uncertainty and living my life by going with the flow.

I am a strong believer in the law of attraction, positive thinking brings positive things. I always try my hardest to be grateful for everything in my life as it is now, and I know good things are comings. The excitement it brings me to be starting a new adventure is definitely a big sign that this was the right choice to make.

Don’t let go of the dreams you have and the goals you want to achieve, you can do it. You can live the life you want if you are willing to put in the work for it and determination to live the best life you can. My partner inspires me every day to be a better person and thanks to him I feel like I have allowed myself to live truly to myself! TC mark

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