16 Little Definitions That Tell You What True Love Really Is

Roman Kraft / Unsplash

What is the meaning of love? Everyone has their own definition of what they would describe as love. Here is what I see love as…

1. Love is listening to your partner when things get tough, and sticking around when life gets a little too much.

2. Love is respecting your partner whether they are around or not. Defending them and what they stand for.

3. Love is telling your partner when you think they are wrong and telling them the truth about how they have made you feel. Communicating with each other your needs and respecting boundaries.

4. Love is laughing together and having fun. Being silly and able to act completely as yourself.

5. Love is about the little things. Making a cup of tea in the morning, cooking food after a night out, a nice massage after a long day, let your partner pick the film, asking if you are okay. The small things will always outdo the material things.

6. Love is being loyal and faithful. Not hiding messages and secrets. Not talking to other people behind their back over social media or in person. Always being honest and telling the truth.

7. Love is doing things and attending places for your partner, even if you don’t really want to be there. Supporting them when they need it and compromising on plans.

8. Love is accepting everything about them, even their flaws. accepting their past, their dreams and their demons.

9. Love is supporting them and feel excited for them when they succeed. Being happy for them when good things happen and having empathy for when the bad things happen.

10. Love is telling them that you love them, and actually showing it as well.

11. Love is being there no matter what happens.

12. Love is trusting your partner and knowing they love you and will support you in everything.

13. Love is smiling when you think about them and messaging them just to see how their day is going.

14. Love is taking care of each other when you are sick, and always being kind.

15. Love is forgiveness and acceptance, moving forward after an argument and taking into consideration your partner’s feelings and well-being. Not being selfish and nurturing your partner when they are in pain.

16. Most importantly, true love is about loving yourself the way you are and accepting yourself. The most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself first and foremost, so before being involved with anyone else, make sure you love yourself enough to let others love you too. TC mark

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