She’s Such A Bitch And She Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way

Velizar Ivanov / Unsplash

“She’s such a bitch,” because she doesn’t conform to the status quo, because she doesn’t “go with the flow” in order to fit in. It’s not as if her motive is to “stand out”; she just doesn’t want to pretend to enjoy something or someone just because it would give her safe passage through a cookie-cutter society. She doesn’t “play nice”, because she doesn’t want to adhere to societal norms and expectations. She’s unapologetically different, therefore she is a bitch.

“She’s such a bitch,” because she doesn’t need you. There is nothing in her life that she has not acquired on her own, and she has no goals which require anyone’s determination but her own. Your presence in her life is because she wants you there, not because she needs you. So when you decide to no longer treat her the way she grew accustomed to, she’ll dispose of you just as she rids herself of all other needless complications in her life. She is a woman who has built her own foundation and made her own way. What she needed was a partner to stand by her side, not someone to hold her up. She’s independent, therefore she is a bitch.

“She’s such a bitch,” because she doesn’t offer you sympathy or empathy. Your cries of mental illness meant to excuse your attention-seeking, pitiful behavior fall on her deaf ears. She has seen how depression can completely riddle a person with self-doubt and pain, drawing them into a black abyss of solitary confinement and misery. However, she is a woman who was able to crawl her way out of it with ingenuity and common sense, not letting it become debilitating, not letting it define her. Her anxiety pushed her forward; she did not use it as a crutch to explain away her laziness and disrespectful decisions. She is a warrior fighting the same internal battles as you. She wins those battles, therefore she is a bitch.

“She’s such a bitch,” because she refuses to answer to you. The idea of someone not liking who she is does not mean she will change her behavior. There are people in her life who mean the world to her and who she will do anything for; if you’re not one of those souls, then you are nothing to her. She does not fall in line with the idea that you should have respect for all. Respect is earned. Further than that, when people whisper her name or throw passive aggressive, pathetic insults her way… they mean less than nothing, the same zilch she feels towards the people spewing them. It is not because she does not have feelings, it’s because she does not waste those feelings on people who add no value to her life. You do not exist to her, therefore she is a bitch.

She envies no one, needs no one, aspires to be no one. She is a solitary force, a lone tower, the stalwartness of which could stand against a hundred storms more than one made of the weak, insecure, spineless creatures who try and bring her down, to break her. She does not want you to like her. She is not someone who is to be adored. Instead, she is someone who is to be left alone, coveted from afar, and cursed through clenched teeth. She’s such a bitch… and she wouldn’t have it any other way.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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