Maybe Right Now Your Journey Is Supposed To Be Painful

We’re constantly bombarded with glittery platitudes and happiness staged for Instagram, but we rarely see the true lives of others. Therefore, we falsely assume that every day will shower us in sunshine and rainbows, because everything should always be “merry and bright,” right?

But happiness and complacency don’t always help us grow. Although we hate it in the moment, sometimes we must experience pain along our journey. Flowers cannot blossom without a little rain, and we cannot become amazing people without bruises along the way.

So even though you may not always like to hear it, sometimes your journey is supposed to be painful.

We all make mistakes, and unfortunately you’re not immune. You may look fine on the outside, but internally, your transgressions weigh you down. Even as you list excuses to justify the poor choices you made that night, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed by guilt.

Can’t life just be easy? Can’t you just take a deep breath and move on?

But maybe right now your journey is supposed to be painful.

Even the worst circumstances can teach us something new. Instead of making excuses, maybe you’ll learn how to accept responsibility for your actions and take the consequences as they come. Perhaps this is the moment when you finally learn how to sit with your emotions until you can forgive yourself. In time, the overwhelming guilt will subside, but until it does, embrace the pain and let it speak to you.

We all eventually suffer a loss that brings us to our knees, and unfortunately, you’ve hit yours. Your heart feels completely shattered, and loneliness surrounds you. As you search your mind for answers, the sadness swallows you whole.

What if I’d done something different? What would it take for them to stay?

But maybe right now, your journey is supposed to be painful.

Even the most devastating heartbreak will eventually subside. Maybe while you curl up in your blankets, you’ll discover that you’re actually never alone. Perhaps you’ll rise from the ashes a stronger, more independent person. In time, your broken heart will heal, but until it does, give yourself some grace and see where the road leads you.

We’re all working towards a life worth living, but unfortunately, the path towards recovery takes twists and turns. Self-improvement often comes with growing pains and moments of resistance. As you willfully dig your heels into the ground, you can’t help but feel frustrated and exhausted.

Why am I the one who has to change? Who cares if I’m unhappy?

But maybe right now, your journey is supposed to be painful.

Even our most stubborn moments can ultimately help us grow. Maybe this whole experience is a lesson in radical acceptance and releasing the grip of control. Perhaps you will find peace and understanding that can only come in the most difficult times. In time you will blossom into a healed person, but until you do, try remaining present in the moment even when you struggle.

So next time you want to kick someone where the sun don’t shine for telling you that everything happens for a reason, take a moment to stop and think. The rainbows always come out after the rain, and it’s always darkest before the dawn. It may feel like forever, but your struggles are only temporary; the pain will eventually subside. But, until it does, remember these simple words: Maybe for right now, your journey is supposed to be painful so that you can appreciate the happiness at the other end. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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