You’re Simply Gone

You’re slipping away, just like grains of sand wash away into the sea. I desperately cling to what is left, but in the end, it’s futile. We continuously drift apart, carried by a currents that divide us instead of reunite our hearts.

I thought I’d find a way to pull us back together, be it through tossing a rescue line or driving us back to shore. But, there’s no reconnecting now. The damage caused by the storm inside me is irreversible. You’re simply… gone.

Loneliness and despair wash over my heart in overwhelming waves, leaving me cold and lifeless. I stand on my own isolating island, feeling the sting of abandonment move throughout my body. I frantically search the horizon, hoping for a sign that you still love me or care at all.

I thought if I looked hard enough, I’d find a glimmer of hope just around the corner, like buried treasure waiting to be discovered. But there’s no ship or sunrise in my sight. My own carelessness and irresponsibly left me stranded out at sea. And now, you’re simply… gone.

I walk out into the ocean, letting the tide pull me further, just the way you used to pull me in. The waves crash over me, and suddenly they pull me under.

Like a stone, I sink. I gasp for air. I paw at the water in vain as the sunlight fades into shades of deep blue and aquamarine. I knew that I’d drown without you, but I didn’t know I’d sink this quickly.

I keep hoping that you’ll provide my saving breath, that maybe it’s not too late. There’s no air left in my lungs and nobody to resuscitate my lifeless body. No one will miss me; no one will care. It’s time for me to just be… gone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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