Just Because You Can’t See Your Own Strength Doesn’t Mean You’ve Lost Your Power

You called yourself weak and fell into my arms. I tried my best to comfort you and keep you safe. You felt defeated and out of control, like asking for help was a mortal sin. But, my love, the opposite couldn’t be more true.

Just because you can’t see your own strength doesn’t mean you’ve lost your power.

The truth is, there’s more power in asking for help than you realize. Knowing your limits requires incredible courage that very few people possess. There aren’t words to accurately describe how much I admire you, but I hope that you soon see the fearless female that you truly are. Because, my friend, I see her every single day.

I see her in the choices you’ve made since that day the world came crashing down. I hear her when you call and share the little victories you made throughout the day. She’s there in every breath you take on these darker days.

You feel like the world is spinning out of control with no end in sight. Nothing is how you planned or vaguely imagined, and that’s a painful pill to swallow. You think this brief detour in life makes you unworthy. But, in fact, every trial by fire simply causes your strength to glow brighter.

Just because you can’t see your own light doesn’t mean you’re not still standing tall.

The truth is, you’re maintaining balance even when your world makes you feel like a dizzy dancer. You dodge all the bullets and handle the unexpected with wisdom and grace. I’m convinced nobody else could handle all that you do, especially not so elegantly. I hope someday you’ll see the powerful princess I do every time I look at you.

I see her in your perseverance and determination. I hear her as you consciously choose the difficult path, even when your voice is shaking. She’s there in every step you take, gracefully gliding through these difficult decisions.

You’re uncertain what the future holds, nor are you sure when you’ll even get there. You want to fight reality and take back control, but deep inside you know that isn’t possible. You worry that you’re holding yourself back by taking this time for deep spiritual healing. But, my dear, I know this time of solitude will merely make you stronger.

Just because you can’t see your own strength doesn’t mean you’ve lost your power.

The truth is, sometimes we get so wrapped up in trying to control that we lose ourselves in the madness. By stepping back, you gain a new perspective and find parts of yourself you’d left behind long ago. I know you’re a gutsy girl. You just haven’t found yourself yet.

I hope you know that I’ll never leave you. I hope you know that I’ll continue to stand by and point out your power for as long as it takes. Just because you can’t see your own strength in this moment doesn’t mean you don’t hold the power. You’re the most incredible person I know, my love. And, you always will be.

Writer. Mental Health/Disability Advocate. Mom. Lover of All.

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