A Somewhat Unremarkable Love Story

You poked me on Facebook, and for a while I really wasn’t sure what to say. I thought maybe we’d have fun for a bit, and then go our separate ways. I never told you that I wasn’t looking for love, but I assumed you felt the same.

Our life is really an unremarkable love story. There was never any heated passion, no unquenchable thirst. I’m not even sure how we fell in love or why, but here we are, still together to this day.

I wouldn’t trade our memories for anything, both the good times and the bad. Although you’re no knight in shining armor, I was never into playing the princess, so that’s OK. We make our mundane marriage work, and that’s all I could ever hope for these days.

You eventually offered me some cherry cobbler, and for a while I thought you were gay. Even after our first date, I didn’t know if I wanted to stay. I never told you I was scared, yet somehow you knew anyway.

It’s really an unremarkable love story the way we came to be. I wonder when we tell our daughters if they’ll laugh and say we’re lame. I’m not sure why you ever cared, but we ended up together all the way.

I’m thankful for the late-night Taco Bell runs and the extra shots of rum. Although we fight from time to time, things could always be far worse. We’re not living it up like your college roommates, but who even liked them anyway?

I almost threw up the first time we had sex, but it’s much better now, so thanks. I always wanted a foot popping kiss, but I’ve settled for for comfortable silence and laughing days. I never told you to be prepared, but you seem to be handling my crazy OK.

Our relationship is the most unremarkable love story, but honestly? I like it that way. It’s a tale like no other, an endless novel of everyday life. I’m thankful that you shook my hand, and even more so that you rang my bell.

Nobody can take away the bond that we have, and no movie could ever recreate it. We may not go down in history, but I never really cared for Rudolph, so OK.

Thank you for being my unremarkable love story, a tale I’ll never forget. I know that even in my dying days, this seemingly boring life we’ve made will matter more than anything else that remains.

Writer. Mental Health/Disability Advocate. Mom. Lover of All.

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