Did You Know? Friends You Make In College Are The Best Kind Of Friends.

When I first started at university last September I was of course convinced that I would be billy-no-mates and navigate my way through student life as a hermit who was all alone. Instead, I acquired three of the coolest people I have ever met as my closest friends. The thing with uni friendships is, you are seeing each other blunder through a somewhat strange period in your life; this kind of half teenager/half adult stage where you’re expected to behave like a fully fledged human but have no idea what the hell you’re supposed to do.

This makes for hilarious times and also testing ones too. We’ve already had an ill-fated, drunken night in A&E, misguided all-nighters before a huge deadline (BIG MISTAKE), cooking disasters and clubbing fails; to name but a few. They have already seen me at my worst and helped me through some crappy times in a way I didn’t think was possible when we’ve only known each other seven months. Whether or not this is just pure luck and that by some fluke I have come across the best people in the world, or whether it’s because they’re more rounded and more equipped to deal with life, who knows. Either way I don’t what would have happened without them.

Never in a million years did I think I’d find three other people who not only share my deep love of 80s music but also have the same sense of humour and same passion for, in one of their words “all the foods.” I really did not envisage my life as a student to consist of several nights a week sat in one of their rooms watching rubbish horror films, eating too many white chocolate and raspberry cookies, listening to Absolute 80s radio and mourning the fact that we missed such a glorious decade. But I’m so glad that’s how it has turned out.

You see what makes our friendship group even great is although we have a clump of shared interests; we are all very different people personality wise, which makes us compliment each other very well. So for example myself and one the other are incredibly awkward in most situations, so the most chill member of the group now does things like walks into the room first without even asking. She just knows to do it. We all have very different styles fashion-wise. I go for more of a grunge/early series Monica in Friends look. Whereas the others range from always in dresses, is big on her bright eye shadows and always wears Air Max, to oversized shirts, crop tops and massive hoop earrings, to “normcore” with a touch of glitter. This is great for going out as I must say I am very heavy on my daywear and somewhat lacking in terms of clubbing attire.

What I am grateful for the most though, is that with them I can truly be myself, nothing is “tragic” or “weird” with them. I don’t need to do things like hide my love of Meat Loaf. I mean yes they took the mick out of me but not in a nasty or judgemental way, merely because they clearly do not understand how much of a banger Bat Out of Hell is.

We’re an odd bunch of people who somehow found each other in those trepidatious first few weeks at university and bonded over Duran Duran and the TV show Absolutely Fabulous. Something that I will always be happy occurred. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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