15 Things I Wish I’d Known At 15


1. Don’t get that perm

I’ve just finished erasing that mistake from the last of the internet profiles that are out there. Leave the “scrunched” hair look in the past. It’s never coming back.

2. Kissing isn’t an obligation

Kiss often and freely, but don’t kiss anyone because you feel like you have to. Just because you’re in his car, or he calls you pretty, or he bought you dinner doesn’t mean that you owe him anything.

3. It’s okay to cry when your friend yells at you

Crying is beautiful and human. Don’t feel ashamed of your emotions when she lashes out at you. You may be a little fragile, she may be a little harsh, but in the end you are both just two young girls who handled things in the wrong way.

4) They aren’t “The One”

When he asks for you back, I wish you wouldn’t go along with it. Despite what you think, you aren’t living a Nicholas Sparks book, baby. He’s not Channing Tatum, he’s adorably awkward with braces. You both don’t know what you’re doing. While he’ll always hold a special place in your heart, this isn’t your big romance.

5. Colored contacts aren’t a good idea

“Eyes are the windows to the soul.” And your eyes are a beautiful color on their own. One night you will sleep in those contacts and while your irises will be “Ocean Blue”, the whites of your eyes will be blood red. You will look like Igor and your mom will still make you go to school. (Copper colored eye shadow has the same effect without the scarring repercussions.)

6. Everything you accomplish will be deleted off your resume as soon as you graduate

Your grades and accomplishments are purely for getting you into your college of choice. Once you are in, none of it matters. No one cares that you balanced dancing competitively, your position as editor of the yearbook, and AP classes. So maybe take a little off your plate, spend some more time with your friends, and you really should sleep a little more than four hours a night.

7. You are learning so much more than history and bio

You won’t remember anything from AP US History. All that grammar work you’re doing in English? From time to time, you will still find yourself googling “It’s or its”?. The most important lessons you are learning right now are how to build relationships, and who you are as a human being.

8. Stop worrying about finding a date for school dances

You won’t find one. You are a shy and tall wallflower. But your best friends are some of the most amazing humans in the world and you’ll go with them. Personally, I think you’ll have more fun.

9. The girl turning your friends against you is going to fall off the face of the earth after high school

Two more years and you will never see her again. Your friends will see through her manipulation and stay by your side, so please don’t cry or worry about her. She’s not worth it.

10. Mom is right

Listen to her. She’s not being “judgmental”, that boy who already has tattoos really is bad news.

11. You aren’t fat, I promise

I look back at pictures and want to slap you in the face. What I wouldn’t give to have your arms again. Stop your whining, wear more bikinis.

12. Some of the best people of your life aren’t in it yet

Yes, a handful of the people you are with will prove to be beautiful lifelong friends. However, college will bring some of the most amazing female friendships you’ve ever experienced. Please don’t worry that your social circle is “small” or that you aren’t the most popular person in school. Quality over quantity, remember that.

13. Give your siblings some more credit

They love you and they’re trying. The four year gap between you is biggest when they’re in college and you’re in high school. Forgive them for missing your recital, and don’t expect them to tell you about all of their wild nights out. You will understand once you’re older.

14. Don’t rush growing up

High school isn’t the best time of your life, but there are some wonderful things that come with it. You get to see your best friends seven hours a day, every single day. Teachers give you points for homework. You get to hang out with your parents, which doesn’t seem that cool, but trust me: you’ll miss it.

15. Your favorite memories will come from spontaneous moments

So let your best friend pierce your cartilage with that kit you bought at the beauty goods store. Take those late night drives with that boy. Make the embarrassing webcam videos. You are innocent, wide-eyed, and adorable. I wouldn’t trade you for the world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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