10 Perks Of Being A Tall Girl


Being 6’1” and a female comes with its fair share of struggles, lamented by tall women on the internet through articles, forums, and Twitter accounts. Girls growing up vertically advantaged are desperately trying to fit in by slouching and not even looking twice at a pair of high heels, let alone consider wearing them in public. Trust me, I was one of them. “Embrace your height!” has been shouted to me by everyone. My parents, schoolteachers, strangers in grocery stores, clerks at checkouts. It almost took me two decades but I’ve finally found a few perks of being taller than the average female (and male).

1. Long legs

Obviously the first perk. Do I even need to elaborate? Long legs look incredible in clothes, and even more incredible if you’re brave enough to wear heels. With the help of long legs, there are few pieces of clothing that tall girls can’t pull off. Maxi dresses, mini dresses, you name it, and a tall girl can wear it without drowning in it.

2. Being able to breathe/find your friends in large crowds

Whenever I’m at a concert, sporting event, or even a particularly crowded hallway I always look down with pity at the poor five-foot-something girl beside me. While she’s shoved around with traffic and only able to see the person’s back in front of her, I’m breathing fresh air and easily have the destination in sight.

3. Always getting attention

Like it or not, as a tall girl you are always getting attention. I choose to like it. Strangers will look up at you in awe and have no trouble approaching you to compliment your height. It’s almost like being a celebrity, but with way less pressure and (probably) a lower divorce rate.

4. Being described with beautiful adjectives like “statuesque” and “modelesque”

Short girls are constantly being called “tiny”, “cute”, and “adorable”. Keep in mind these are also words to describe baby bunnies and children.

5. Never having to worry about hemming clothing

My height has saved me so much time and money when it comes to clothing. While the entire bridal party is drowning in their dresses at the first fitting, the bottom of my dress effortlessly kisses the floor at the perfect length. Finding jeans long enough isn’t too much of a headache thanks to the internet, and I’ve never had to pay a seamstress or waste time learning how to sew.

6. Getting automatic dibs on the tallest boys at parties

Now this perk is only applicable if you’re the tallest in your group and have understanding girlfriends. Say you walk into a party and luck of the draw has it there is a beautiful 6’5” guy surrounded by his average-looking 5’10” friends. It only makes sense that you get matched up with Mr. Ken Doll, and your friends accept this without argument. They owe you, because you were the one sulking on the sidelines at middle school dances while they slow-danced with all the boys before their growth spurts.

7. Tall guys will want to dance with you & won’t have to break their back to kiss you

Those poor guys being forced to remain in a super squat position to make sure their “equipment” lines up correctly while grinding with a 5’4” girl will look to a tall girl as a beacon of hope and comfort. Along with being overall easier to dance with, being easier to kiss is another great advantage that comes with height. Sure, you’ll never get that rom-com moment of teetering onto your tip toes to reach his lips, but the convenience of him being able to plant one on you by simply tilting his head down pays off in the long run. You get more frequent kisses for you and he gets less trips to the chiropractor.

8. Sports advantage, if you want one

Aside from being a gymnast or a jockey, height will give you an advantage in most sports if you choose to play them. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been chased down by campus recruiters for the rowing team, or picked first to play in a pickup game of basketball. Also, since you are likely to have children with a guy taller than you it gives your children this same sports advantage which doesn’t hurt.

9. Being taken seriously from a young age

Being a tall girl means that you were a tall child. While you may have being trying your hardest to fit in, standing out just came with the territory. Adults automatically assumed you were older, which caused you to grow up a little faster than your peers. When you were in high school you were mistaken for being in college, which is so much better than vice-versa.

10. Giving the best hugs

I love hugs. And my friends love hugging me. They always say I have “the height of a man with the comfort of a woman”. In other words they can rest their head on my boobs as they’re enveloped in my arms. There are few “feel-good moments” better than being the go-to hugger when things get rough with your best friends, and knowing you are able to comfort them in a way that no one else can. TC Mark


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