A Good Reason To Give Public Transportation A Try

Last summer I decided to walk outside at the right time and I stood by the road and a bus arrived and there I was for the first time using public transportation. I live in a small town, actually so small it’s considered a village. There is very little bus routes but there is a few that can travel to desired areas and the best part is this only costs a whopping one dollar! In small towns like this, the idea of riding a bus is absolutely terrifying. To some people busses are just for poor people, which is NOT true.

I decided to ride the bus when I had absolutely no form of transportation to get somewhere my friends were hanging out because I live in a super lame town and the idea of exploring new areas so cheaply and in this way is beautiful to me. I also find it beautiful how much more Earth friendly this form of transportation is, if the bus is biodiesel or electric it reduces the CO2 emissions generated. Even one diesel bus carrying 3-8 passengers breaks even with a car on CO2 emissions. By choosing public transportation you can reduce your carbon footprint on our beautiful Earth.

There are definitely cons to riding the bus, just like with everything else in life. For one, some busses are very sketchy. I have been shaky and nervous on busses just waiting for the second I can stand up and never see those people again. I’ve also met some of the meanest people I’ve ever known, but then again I am in New York so this is no surprise. If you move your foot and hit someone’s bag you can bet your bottom dollar you will be bitched out. I can also guarantee you will regret sitting in the back of the bus when you feel every single bump that bus hits, if you’re lucky enough to have the same bus driver I’ve had; he will hit every single pothole.

My tip to anyone riding on any form of public transportation would be preparation. I recommend bringing a book, listening to music, and preparing for hearing some of the weirdest conversations you have ever heard in your life and some smells that might make you want to vomit in the hot summer days.

When I ride the bus I begin to appreciate the world around me, almost every single time I have rode the bus I put my beats in and listen to Red Hot Chili Peppers while looking out the window at the beautiful Upstate New York scenery, which would be hills, fields and more hills. I learn more and more about other people and other peoples living conditions when I ride the bus. I’ve heard a lady yell at someone because he refused to bum her a cigarette and I’ve also seen an man at least in his twenties get nervous to pick up a backpack that had fallen on my foot at a rough stop which was no problem at all and I assured him about that.

Of course riding a bus is not the desired form of transportation, it should be considered maybe not all the time, but every once in a while keep your car parked in the garage and catch the bus. Throughout getting bitched out and destroying your back, remember you are reducing your carbon footprint every time you step on that bus and hand the sketchy man with a vest on a dollar! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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