10 Little Ways To Find Magic In Your Everyday Life

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As a child, magic used to come so easily to me. I would see magic in the people around me; in the sounds of the birds in the trees every morning, in my mother’s eyes or in the stories she would tell me about fairies or wizards or other equally enchanting creatures in the make-believe worlds of my imagination.

But then, at some point, I lost it.

I was too busy searching for the next best thing to see what was right in front of me. Society was telling me that what I had was never enough and, soon enough, I stopped seeing magic because I was always searching for something better.

Do you ever feel that way? Like every moment is just part of a journey to something else, a constant path of improvement to something better that lurks just beyond the horizon?

To find those magic sparkling moments hidden throughout your days:

1. Forget the friends who only care about the bright, shiny things; the ones who don’t see subtle shades of grey, or the light of your deep, shimmering heart.

2. Look at the lonely moon on a deep, dark night and let it be your guiding light. Know that you are more than this hour or this day, and that the sum of your being equals more than your clothes or your body, more than one wrong glance, one wrong word or one terrible, terrible day. There is a huge, fantastic future ahead of all of us. We just need to want it.

3. Wake up early when you can smell the new, green morning. Breathe the crisp air before anyone else and run with the wind whipping through your hair until your heart can’t take it and your lungs hurt and you are gasping for air but you’re strong and alive. Know that this is your life, this is your body and your heart. Know that no one can take that away from you.

4. If you don’t know what you want, find out what you don’t want. Ask questions ceaselessly and always be inquisitive. Keep questioning this thing called life and don’t settle for anything less than the best.

5.  Believe. Believe in yourself. Believe in your faith. Believe in your friends. Trust to life. Trust to love. Trust in the process and the time it might take. Relinquish control, because that might be your time to truly shine.

6. Cry. Stop thinking that you’re not allowed to feel. You are. When did being emotional become uncool? Cry in the movies. Cry when your dog gets sick. Cry when your friend does something shitty. Cry in the middle of the night at all the meaningless pain and suffering in the world. Cry because good people die and the whole world is cruel and life is cruel and you feel like nothing but a blip on a large lonely plane of existence. Cry. Acknowledge the hurt and then put it away.

7. Stop waiting for the big things and appreciate the little things. Life is the tender love of a mother gazing at her baby and him gazing back at her with a wondrous love in his smile, discovering a new universe in the depth of her sparkling eyes. It is a glowing sunset sparkling on glassy water. It is a warm cup of tea that feels like a hug on an icy cold morning.

8. You might not do your best this time. But if you keep trying, every time you’ll get a little closer to your best and soon enough, you will remember to just live.

9. Sometimes magic is disguised as hard work, and showing up, and not giving up. Magic doesn’t always come all the way to us. We have to meet it halfway, hold its hand, and show it the way to our hearts. The universe will throw many good things our way. But we have to recognise those things for what they are, when they show up.

10. Consider this: when you were a child, magic was everywhere. It has not gone. The universe hasn’t changed. You have. The magic is still there. You just need to find it. Slow down and look. Hug your mother. Ask your friends the questions that matter. Tell the truth, always. Anything else is a waste of the time that slowly ticks away, counting down your existence. Stroke your lover’s hair in the quiet sleepy pre-dawn.

Lastly, ask yourself why you ever needed to find magic when it is already all around you. TC mark

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