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8 Bold Faced Insults That Have Come My Way From Rude Men

I continuously wonder why do men think women are so scared of being called old, and even why older women get so crazily jealous of younger women? I see it the other way around – I was an idiotic youth, I’m only getting more interesting, sexier, more confident, classy and better with age!

Death Of A Soulmate

Death can change a person though, without ending them, and this is the saddest and most essential lesson that all of us have to learn to survive.

The 6 And Only Tattooed Girls You’ll Ever Meet

As per a noticeable cultural shift, tattooed girls are now seen absolutely everywhere, and bold tattooing is no longer reserved for punkers, bikers, inmates, soldiers, sailors, carnies, or anyone of “fringe class” (credit: Frank Reynolds).

The 4 Most Memorable Sexts I’ve Caught Boyfriends Sending

He was a perfect date. I later got drunk and hacked his phone (who uses their birth year for a password? It was 1986, by the way #teamcougar). What I found was a text to a Kristina explaining his aforementioned sex dream he’d had about her while sleeping next to me in a luxurious hotel bed.