I Don’t Just Want To Love You, I Want To Explore Your Soul

Alessio Soggetti

Your soul is a river.
A river that I want to dive into.
Five fathoms deep and deeper still
As deep as you will allow me to sink
Until I find the pebbles scoured silver on your riverbed.

Your soul is a savanna.
A savanna that I want to run through.
Your edges dancing in the breeze
Your fires crackling, singing to me
Threatening to consume me when I fan their flames.

Your soul is a mountain.
A mountain that I long to scale.
Craggy edges, ancient and stable
Unless I step too far, and they creak and waver
Until I return to the safety of your unknown heights.

Your soul is a desert.
A desert full of golden secrets and dappled sunlight.
Not empty, but full of hidden life
Each grain of sand sifted reveals a new treasure
I want to bury deeper into your folds and savour it all.

Your soul is a forest.
A forest with shaded paths and old oaks.
One where I will always tread softly
In search of the many wonders in your shadows
I will inhale your independence and let you keep it too.

Your soul is a city.
A city that I want to explore every day.
Full of light and music and delights.
There are the sorrows too, but you are not alone.
I will map your layered streets with words of love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I love nature, real people, and soul connections. I live like a whirlwind, a wildfire, a storm, and have no time for people with no souls.

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