This Is The Art Of Making Friends As An Adult

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Do we not all miss our childhoods where everything seemed so much simpler? Especially when it came to making new friends. I remember sharing my crayons with the girl I sat next to in class and before I knew it, we became best friends. Yet the moment we become adults, forging new friendships turn into a different game requiring finesse and courage. We bid farewell to some of our good friends in order to follow our own path. At the same time, making new ones feels like an impossible mission. This is particularly the scenario when we move to another city for study and work. However, it should not deter us from building new friendships, especially when having friends add so much more fun and value to both our private and professional lives. Keep some of the following perspectives in mind to assure yourself that you will have a great time making friends in adulthood.

Say “yes” to invitations

Every time I receive a party invitation, I am reassured that the host is sincere about wanting my presence at the party. Even if I do not know that person very well or if there are no familiar faces at the event, I believe that it poses a good opportunity to meet new people and to make acquaintances. While it may feel tempting to decline invitations just to have a lazy and comfy night at home instead – trust me, you do not want to miss out on the chance to turn strangers into real friends.

Meet your friends’ friends

If you feel uncomfortable approaching new people, try asking your friends to introduce you to each other to minimize any awkwardness. The best part is that you already share a common bond in the form of your friend, which makes it easier for you to blend in. I am sure that your friend will be more than happy to introduce you to others at a party. The more the merrier! I remember my friends whom I met during my exchange in Hong Kong, led me to new friendships. It has become my closest group of friends. Whenever I am in town again during my holidays, we always have a lovely time catching up and well into the early hours.

Keep in contact with your former colleagues

The fact that you no longer work for the same company does not mean that you cannot be friends with your former colleagues. After working so closely with one another on a daily basis, you certainly have created a strong bond. What better than to maintain that special relationship and to keep all those pantry talks alive?

Try new things

You might be surprised by just how many new people you get to know by trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone. From voluntary work to cooking classes to reading clubs, they all provide you with the opportunity to mingle with other people and form new alliances. By sharing the same interests, you have gained common ground so let this be the start of a good friendship!

Do not take it personally

Cancellations and rejections do occur, but always remember not to take it personally. Whatever the underlying reasons may be, do not try to overthink things. Those who are meant to be in your life as friends will always be.

Then before you realize it, you will be surrounded by a whole bunch of new friends with whom to share a good laugh and a glass or two. TC mark

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