5 Things You Think At A 20-Something’s Wedding

Apparently, graduation season gives way to wedding season. We’ve closed the door to one portion of our lives and opened another almost simultaneously, effortlessly. It seems as though everyone leapt into adulthood over night — at least, that’s what the excessive number of engagements, weddings and newborn babies on my Facebook news feed implies. I had the privilege of attending one such wedding this weekend, which inspired this post. I couldn’t be happier for the newlyweds, but part of me wants to go back to building blanket forts or holding hands with boys in dimly lit movie theaters.

1. Wow, they’re all so…

Pretty. Beautiful. Young. Crazy? At a 20-something’s wedding, everyone is just pretty. The bride is stunning, the groom is handsome and the wedding party is, well, young and beautiful. Every bride is gorgeous in her own way, of course, but there’s something pure about a 22-year-old bride, something that makes her look like she stepped right out of a bridal magazine. After the initial gushing over how beautiful they are, you realize that they’ve chosen to spend the rest of their lives together. Wait. Like, forever?

2. I could never get married right now.

Life is just starting, right? I mean, graduation was approximately five minutes ago. It’s amazing that so many people in their early 20s are able to picture themselves at 80 years old, sitting with their person in side-by-side rocking chairs. But there’s no way that I could do it. Everything in our lives is changing so quickly right now. What if that job you applied for calls and asks you to relocate halfway across the country? Or worse, what if you get sick of each other?!

3. Oh no. I’m an old maid, aren’t I?

They’re getting married. As in, sleeping in the same bed next to each other each night, sharing bills and debt, bound to each other for eternity (well, that’s the idea, at least). And you still haven’t deleted Tinder off of your phone. You’re obviously going to be alone forever and you’re never going to find love and no one is ever going to want to marry you. Ever.

4. Maybe I could get married right now, after all…

Maybe you have grown up and deleted Tinder. Maybe you’re even in a steady relationship (woohoo!). Sitting at a wedding watching your friends get married makes you think that maybe, just maybe, you could get married after all. You want to look that gorgeous and wear a pretty dress and twirl around the dance floor. You want to kiss your significant other every time some child bangs a fork against a water glass. This is the part of the evening when you lean over to your date and say, “Let’s get married.” You’re mostly joking… Mostly.

5. Hahaha just kidding!

After your wedding-inspired Pinterest board flashes through your head, you realize that getting married at 22 is cray. Don’t get me wrong — it definitely works for some people. If the couple has been together forever and gone through enough rough shit to know they’re meant to be? More power to them. But you are not that type of person and, as much fun as it would be to have a wedding, you don’t want to rush into it out of jealousy and excitement. You probably won’t end up alone and withering away in your house, with only the company of 20 cats. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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