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Living With Daddy Issues

Today I feel no void, though when it has been suggested by close friends that my reticence about a serious long term relationship, not to mention marriage, all has to do “with my father leaving me,” I feel defensive.

Culture Shopping

Culture shopping, as per my own definition, is the eager attentiveness toward a group of people that overrides basic courtesy, respect, and tact.  To a degree, we all have it, and by cohabiting in New York with the Hasidim there are bound to be those who are too willing to cross the line. 

Welcome to Babyburg!

Days spent at Bleecker Park, Leroy Park, and Leroy Library have given me glimpses of women who I am positive are in, as the Gawker article once noted, “sexless marriages.” They’re worn-out, annoyed, and very much “over it.” They can really only focus on their manicure, their high-end shoes, or the fact that their youth is pretty much over.