4 Helpful Hints On How To Date Your Coworker If You Want It To Last

In the 21 years I’ve been on this Earth, dating a co-worker was one of the last things I saw myself doing. Once I hit my twenties, I became career driven and motivated to further my career. I made it apparent to my co-workers and friends that I wasn’t here for a boyfriend, no matter the circumstances.

I consistently told myself: “Don’t mix business with pleasure.” 

You see, I work in a rather small office, so the chances of seeing any fresh meat in the hallway or in the break room were likely. I typically converse with my small team of co-workers but occasionally I bounce into a testosterone filled room of guys- never to flirt, just to converse. It was on this day that my guard fell down and so did everything I stood for. 

I soon found out that I was going to be working with the most BEAUTIFUL looking human beings on the face of the planet. HE WAS GORGEOUS.

He had all of your typical pretty-boy features; hazel eyes, arm muscles, a collared polo, and a nice tan. *panties dropped* 

I’m not going to bore you with our “Month-aversaries” or cute dates to the local Applebees, but let’s just say, I fell and I fell fast. We went out on ONE date and I was sold. Our relationship was everything I could have asked for and so much more. For the first time in my life, I was genuinely happy and felt those butterflies you hear about on television.

However, we had our arguments and tiffs and in the end, he wanted to be friends. Like a Band-Aid getting ripped off dry skin, it stung. After all, I dropped my guard, I let him in, and I was the one who got bit in the ass. I mourned the love that I had lost and moved forward. 

I can only hope that my misfortune can prevent anyone else from the hurt that came upon me. Because come that next Monday and we both returned to work, it was awful. I’ve gathered my thoughts and have accumulated the Top 4 Things I Learned from Dating a Co-Worker. 

1. Know What You Are Getting Yourself Into

Before you’ve even approached the co-worker of your dreams, be sure that he or she is interested in you in the same way. This takes a little bit of investigation and intuition. It can lead to heart break and despair if not looked into. 

2. Know About The Hole You Might Dig Yourself Into

Think about it from the perspective of your reputation at work, right through to how you will be perceived if the two of you break up and still have to work alongside one another.

3. Don’t Make Your Job The Center Of Conversation

If your relationship is only grounded on a shared work interest, you may ruin everything between you. Find common ground. Find their interests and disinterests. It’s so important. CANNOT stress this enough.

4. It’s Not “The End” If It Ends

It’s been found that about 40% of office relationships last. Some fizzle out and others last. That’s the nature of the beast. Be smart with your decisions and don’t wear your heart on your sleeve. The work place is no joke and not to be tampered with if your serious about your career. I am now sticking to my original mantra “Don’t mix business with pleasure.”
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