A Day In The Life Of A Professional Millennial

Angelina Litvin

The 1980s term yuppie, referred to a young professional making lots of dough, white-collar career, living in the city and just having a fantastic fashionable life. Maybe people in the 80s weren’t as vocal about their struggles, but for us millennials the meaning of the term young professional has changed a little.

When you walk in the young professional’s shoes these days, you walk into a world of self-doubt, with a hint of panic attacks, and you-can-always-do-better attitude.

You’re swimming in student loan debt, and many hours have gone to finding a loop hole.

You don’t know a thing about fine wine but pretend you do. All you care about is high-content low price.

You go to a gym with a fancy name you really can’t afford. And then you post your progress on Instagram.

When your extended family asks, you make your job title sound better than it is.

As far as everyone in your social media is concerned you’re making 100k.

You’ve read every article there is about cover letters and still don’t know if you’re doing it right.

You have to make appointments to see your friends because you’re always taking on more than you can chew.

On weekends you wake up to the constant fear you might have drunk-texted the wrong people. And most of the time you did.

You learned the hard way what a health insurance deductible is.

You learned to unclog your own sink. Congratulations.

It never leaves your mind you might not know enough of the right people.

You wonder if the yuppie sitting next to you on the bus is as clueless as you are.

You wonder what the cut-off age is for getting your boss lunch.

You still haven’t made friends with anyone who owns a boat.

You’re aware success doesn’t happen overnight, but it has been many nights now, so any day?

You worry you don’t spend time outdoors.

You wonder why you left the safety of your mom’s protection.

You’re glad you left the safety of your mom’s protection.

You still haven’t blocked the person you love to hate.

You wonder who are all those people making breakfast and prepping meals, meanwhile you eat just one more fry.

Vitamins? Great. One more thing to buy and have sit on your shelf.

At least you read your lease.

No matter how tough things get, you’re glad to be out of college.

You reached the point you have to say twenty-something.

You don’t drink enough water, or do yoga, or have a set skin regime, or know what and IRA is, or have the down payment for a house, or the dream job, or a care in the world because you know eventually you’ll figure it out. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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