Even Without You, I Still Chase My Dreams

I Still Achieved My Dreams Even Though You're No Longer Part Of Them
Kunj Parekh

We both met each other at a difficult time in our lives.

You just moved to a new city and you were struggling with your new job. I, on the other hand, was struggling in medical school. The future seemed so bright and we were determined to fulfill our dreams. I guess that was what we had in common, we had big dreams. Yet at that time, we were just at our starting point.

Somewhere in this world, we were two people who were chasing our future and somehow, the universe found a way to let our paths intersect. We somewhat knew we could make it work. Someday, when we would get there, we would stand hand in hand, despite how different our lives would be.

In the middle of our race to the future, we realized that we slowed each other down. You thought that I’d be a catalyst to your dreams, but I was being a weed to a budding flower. Meanwhile, I was getting unsure of what my future would be if I’ll stay with you. Everyone wanted me to end up with a doctor, but I didn’t really care. Even so, the pressure haunted me every day.

I always believed that things could work out even though we were revolving around different worlds.

Regardless of how different our lives were, I fought hard. I fought for us, for my decision to choose you, and for my decision to stay. I fought too hard that it all came crashing to a point when I just wanted to stop fighting for what I thought was right at that time.

When I stopped fighting for us, that was when I realized that I was the only one fighting. You didn’t care if I stayed, because all you wanted was to keep on chasing your dreams, with or without me. That was also the day I watched you run off in a different direction, and I was left wounded while going on to reach my dreams.

I never saw you since then.

Now, here we are in the future – where wounds are healed and where our dreams finally became a reality, with our worlds still as different as before. We are both big dreamers and we still aren’t past the finish line. We will always have a dream after the other, bigger than what came before.

The world is funny in a way that sometimes we get to meet people only once, yet they become engraved in our lives, leaving a mark that would remind us that there was a time that they existed of our lives.

You were once a part of my marathon to the future. I may have lost my battle to keep you, but I have won bigger battles to make my dreams come true.

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