36 Little Things You Need To Embrace For The Rest Of Summer 2016


1. Puppies. If you’re in L.A., there’s now a dog café you can visit. If you’re not, and you’re not ready to get a puppy of your own, there is nothing wrong with shamelessly petting other people’s dogs (with permission) and consuming unlimited amount of puppy content on Instagram.

2. A fling. No strings attached summer fun. Eliminate the pressure of finding the perfect person, and ~*enjoy it*~.

3. Road trips. Something about being able to ride with the windows down (and getting summer Fridays) makes you want to go places and see new things. Summer is the time for exploring places you haven’t seen yet, if for no other reason than you just have more motivation when the sun is out and there’s no snow on the roads.

4. Silly alcoholic beverages you would never drink ordinarily but are super fun in the summer. Think: Pina coladas, Mike’s Hard, Twisted Teas, and wine coolers.

5. Babies in sun hats. Wave to them. Smile at them. Try to make sure your biological clock doesn’t explode.

6. Really anyone in sun hats. Human beings just look more fun with floppy hats and tan lines.

7. Family vacations. If your family still takes vacations together, cherish it, because it happens less often over time. And any opportunity where you can spend quality time with the people you love (and, like, maybe get a few free meals) is worth it.

8. Tourists. No, I’m kidding. They’re the fucking worst.

9. The two-piece bathing suit hiding in the back of your closet. It’s time to break it out.

10. Any other summer looks you’ve been doubting yourself too much to wear. Because why not put your confidence to the test and realize how great you feel?

11. SUN SCREEN. While we all love a good glow, getting our glow on SAFELY and preventing sun burns is chic, too.

12. Making summer salads at home. And having them with a side of carbs, if you so choose. I personally prefer my salads with a side of french fries, always, but to each their own.

13. Any opportunity you have to ride in a fancy car. Because I will always have fantasies of riding passenger with the top down in a corvette convertible in the summertime.

14. Going on free summer dates with your significant other. Going to the beach, going on a hike, picnicking in the park, and spending one-on-one date time together in the sunshine.

15. Camping. Because it’s one of the cheapest ways to travel, let’s be honest.

16. Sunglasses that are way too big for your face but that you find really fun because they remind you of the glory days of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Is that too specific for you?

17. Adorable canvas tote bags. To go with the rest of the summer looks you’re pulling off, and also to carry your towel and ready-to-go summer snacks.

18. Homemade iced coffee. Make your own cold brew and simple syrup and stock up on good milk and maybe some chocolate syrup, and you got yourself a caffeine party. Guaranteed to brighten your summer mornings.

19. Basic AF instagrams of your homemade iced coffee. Because it is July and we can be as basic as we damn well please.

20. Fresh fruit. Buy whatever’s in season and pinterest recipes for it. Summer is perfect for peach cobblers and grilling vegetables, so you may as well take advantage.

21. Farmer’s markets. I am a sucker for a good farmer’s market, even if I don’t buy anything there. I just love to walk around, and sample the fresh berries, say hi to the vendors, and look at the range of handmade this and artisanal that.

22. Kissing outside. Having a first kiss at your front door, or under a tree. Making out in a field, or by a lake somewhere. Basically, reenacting the beginning of Grease, if at all possible.

23. Night walks. The warmth of summer nights is something I genuinely miss in Southern California. Yes, it’s nice all year around here, but when you live in the Northeast, it’s such a treat to be out at night and still be wearing shorts and a t-shirt because it’s 85 degrees out. It just feels like such an anomaly and such a treat; like you’re beating the system somehow.

24. Working outside. Bring your laptop out to a patio with wifi, and you’ve instantly got a summer office on steroids.

25. Gardening. I mean, you don’t have to be a green-thumbed plant whisperer to try your hand at growing some tomatoes.

26. Positivity. The great thing about the sun being out more often than not is that it really does boost your mood. Allow that positivity to run through you and influence your day in a good way as often as possible.

27. Bachelor in Paradise. Nick Viall is on this season. So are the twins. You know you want to watch.

28. Rolling the windows down in your car. Especially on those road trips you’re planning on taking.

29. Your friend’s pool. Picture yourself here (in the pink pool.. or really in any part of this):

30. Outdoor movies. Look up outdoor movies at your local parks, find a drive in near you, or even see if any of the bars in your neighborhood project movies on the patio.

31. Spontaneity. Maybe it’s a result of the general mood boost, or maybe it’s just because you get more time off, but when we want to randomly pick up and do something, it’s generally because the weather is beautiful outside and we’re more likely to adopt a, “well, why the hell not?” attitude.

32.Shakespeare in the park. Or really, anything that’s being held for free in a park (within reason).

33. Summer pop ups in your city or town. Generally during the warmer months, there are fun pop up stores and restaurants (especially in major cities). Keep your eyes peeled for these events (sometimes free) on Facebook, or check for happenings like this on local blogs.

34. Hot people. Be a tiny bit wandery-eyed. Take a quick look at some abs walking by you.

35. Whatever color you get in the sun. Learn to love those freckles and your pink shoulders, or embrace your tan.

36. GRILLING. ‘Tis the season to host some barbecues. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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