40 Simple & Direct Questions To Ask Yourself When You Aren’t Sure What’s Next

istockphoto.com / jeffbergen
istockphoto.com / jeffbergen

1. What do I not want to do with my life?

2. What did I learn from what my parents did for a living?

3. Who do I look up to, and what about their lives do I aspire to?

4. Where would I love to be in five years?

5. What about in 10 years, or even in 20 years?

6. If I could chart out the five biggest things I want out of life, what would they be?

7. Do I want a family?

8. Do I want to make travel a priority in my life?

9. How much do I honestly value making money?

10. What am I willing to compromise on in my life, and which goals are non-negotiable?

11. Who am I most loyal to in my life?

12. How do I deal with problems (by confronting them, or running from them)?

13. Do I put myself first, or others before me?

14. What kind of example would I want to set for those younger than I am, whether those are my cousins, children, or the kids I babysit for?

15. Am I a left brain person or a right brain person?

16. Do I dream in color or black and white?

17. Do I do better with visual aids, or am I more of an auditory learner?

18. Do I do my best work in a group setting, or working by myself?

19. Do I like working with adults or children?

20. Am I the kind of person who needs an office community, or do I just want to do my work and then be done for the day?

21. What is my all-time favorite television show, and what do I like about the culture and characters in it?

22. What characteristics am I attracted to when making new friends and getting into new relationships?

23. If I could live anywhere in the world (no restrictions), where would it be and why?

24. Do I thrive in crowded, bustling cities, in mid-sized cities, in small towns, or in the suburbs?

25. Do I need my personal space to recharge, or do I get my energy from other people?

26. How do I define love?

27. If there were one thing I could change in this world (with unlimited resources), what would it be?

28. If I could take a road trip in North America, what are the first five cities I would want to hit?

29. What are the top five places in the world I want to visit?

30. What is one value that my family instilled in me that I will always stay true to?

31. What is something that everyone expects of me that I’ve always resented?

32. What is one compliment that everyone gives me that I am really proud of?

33. If I were asked to define myself in eight words or less, what would I say?

34. What is one cause I will always stand up for?

35. Does the weather affect my mood?

36. If I could live with any friend (or S.O., or family member), who would I chose to live with?

37. Do I actually like school, or is my yearning to go back to school nostalgia-driven?

38. If I had the choice, would I continue my education, or do I prefer practical application?

39. What are three things that are always a source of happiness for me?

40. Am I the kind of person who feels more fulfilled in a happy relationship, or when I’m killing it on my own? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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