21 Things You Should Never Let Yourself Be Scared Of In Life

Paolo Raeli
Paolo Raeli

1. Walking away from something you know isn’t the right fit for you.
It takes a lot of courage in the present, but it’s better for you in the long run. It could be the wrong city, or the wrong relationship, or the wrong job, but when you know on a deeper level that you don’t want to stay, you can’t be scared to leave.

2. Big dogs.
They mean well, and they are more kind and loving than you think.

3. Asking questions you don’t know the answers to.
Everyone, at one point or another, didn’t know the answer to the question you want to ask. No one wants to feel like the one who’s out of the loop, or isn’t in the know. Asking money questions is scary. Reaching out to people you admire is terrifying. But when you finally ask, you’ll be so glad you did.

4. Trusting people who deserve it.
Finding the people who really deserve your trust is already not an easy task. But if you’ve trusted someone and been let down, finding the ability to trust again seems like too tall of an order.

5. Making amends with someone you really want to see again.
Reaching out. Saying you’re sorry. Admitting that, maybe, it was partially your fault. Reuniting with a friend, family member, or S.O. scares so many people away, and they end up never picking up the phone, even though they wanted to. Living with the regret of never making amends is much scarier than never trying.

6. Failing.
Failing is a natural part of every person’s life. And some of our biggest successes are born out of (or follow directly after) our worst failures. Hoping that you life comes without a few fails is like moving to New England but hoping to avoid snow. It’s going to happen, and you’re going to roll with it.

7. Giving yourself fully to one other person.
Being in a serious relationship if it’s something you’ve been avoiding just seems like a bad idea. It seems overly committal. And you don’t have to want to be in a relationship by any means. But if you have someone you really want to try with, don’t let it slip away because of your commitment fears.

8. Betting on yourself.
If you aren’t going to believe in yourself, who will? If there’s one thing you’ve definitely earned, you’ve earned the right to bet on yourself.

9. Trying on an outfit that you can’t see yourself ever buying.
Sometimes it’s fun to see what you’d look like if you put on heels and a low-cut top, or to figure out how you’d look if you wore lace-up boots and leather on the daily. Breaking out of your natural mold feels unnatural, but it’s fun to play “what if” with yourself.

10. Kissing someone first.
It’s really worth trying.

11. Meeting new people.
Especially if you’re not an extrovert, putting yourself out there and actually trying to form new friendships and relationships is a daunting task. But it’s one you’re perfectly capable of.

12. Moving to a new place.
Staying within a 100-mile radius of where you grew up, and where everyone you’ve ever met lives is appealing if you’re the type who craves security and steadiness. And that’s not to say that you should take that comfort level away, but how will you know what else you like until you try it?

13. Being completely financially independent.
Terrifying? Yes. Necessary? Also, yes. Bite the bullet and start saving money, and setting up the utility bills in your name.

14. Taking on an athletic challenge you think is beyond your skill level. Run a half marathon. Take a hot yoga class. Join a soccer league. Do one of those spinning classes that seems INSANE and see if you like it.

15. Getting on an airplane.
I don’t really understand people who enjoy flying and don’t spend their entire flight thinking about 800 different crash scenarios. But regardless, I don’t think fear of flying is a reason not to see the world.

16. Trying foods you’ve never tried before.
Life is too short to avoid foods that don’t look like foods you’re used to, or smell like the food you grew up with. Be adventurous, and you’ll find that ridiculously good eats are out there waiting for you.

17. Speaking a language that puts you completely outside of your comfort zone.
You don’t have to be good at it. In fact, if you have no experience with the new language, you won’t be. But the point will be that you tried, and when you’re traveling, what so many locals want to see isn’t that you can speak their language perfectly, it’s that you care enough to try.

18. Standing up for yourself when you know you aren’t being treated well.
Having the courage to speak up, and give yourself and your needs a voice. When someone treats you badly, and sets off an awful feeling inside you, you can call them out. You don’t have to just turn and walk away.

19. Standing up for another person.
Equally important.

20. Getting rejected.
Just like failure, it’s a part of life — not a pleasant one, but an inevitable one all the same. When it happens, remember, you don’t want a person (or a job) who doesn’t want you.

21. Being yourself.
Because you should never feel like you have to hide. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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