16 Things You Should Know Before Dating Someone Who Is Right-Brain Dominant


1. They are impulsive, and spontaneous, and will immediately draw you in with their “wild” side because it’s intriguing, and you won’t know exactly what’s coming next.

2. They want you to be excited to see them, because they’ll be excited to see you. And their excitement is infectious.

3. You will become enthralled with their presence all too easily. They are easy to fall for; it feels intoxicating to be around them because of their welcoming touch and creative, different outlook on things.

4. If you want to go dutch and split the bill, they’re down, but don’t make them do the math.

5. They aren’t caught up with the rules, they just want to do things. They want to write, but not stop to worry about the grammar; they want to draw, and it doesn’t matter if it’s in between the lines. They won’t be scared to move faster or slower than usual, because they’re not the ones who think that relationships need to evolve in a certain way in order to be acceptable.

6. They might not have a filter. Sometimes they just have thoughts that come right out, and you’re going to have to roll with that.

7. Getting hurt can take a much bigger toll on them than you imagine. Because they’re confident, and even maybe willing to show you how they feel, or make the first move, people will assume that they can shrug it off when things just don’t work. In reality, they’re much more delicate than they seem.

8. It’s hard to keep their attention…. So please don’t take it personally.

9. Their apartment might be a mess, but you can tell what really matters to them because it will have a neat, perfect little shrine devoted to it. It will be the one organized, non-chaotic spot in their apartment.

10. They want to show you their own little world that they’ve created for themselves, and while it won’t change their mind if you don’t like it, they’ll want you to. They’ve been deliberately creative and emotionally connected to each choice in their life, and want you to appreciate it all.

11. They aren’t going to get hung up on defining the relationship with specifics. They are open-ended people, and believe that not everything can be reduced into something that can be explained with fine print.

12. They are physical beings. They’ll show their affection in touch, and in the early stages of your relationship, that will definitely be a sign that they want to see you again.

13. They aren’t meticulous planners, but opposites attract sometimes, so if you want to take the reins on the planning, they might really appreciate that. Just be prepared for them to deviate if necessary. Winky face.

14. They will learn about you from seeing you in action, rather than you telling them about yourself. It’s how they learn, and sometimes it’s also how they absorb people.

15. They don’t love constraints. They want to break the limits with you, so if you want your dating life to be a little unconventional, don’t sweat it, because that’s probably what they want too.

16. They have big imaginations, and they want you to join in on that ride, even if your imagination isn’t quite as expansive. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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