15 Summer Olympics Moments That Will Get You Ridiculously Excited About Rio 2016

1. Michael Phelps winning gold in London in the 100m Butterly.

Watching Phelps’ mom is almost better than watching Phelps. She is 100% the true Olympian.

2. Nastia Liukin’s floor routine during the all around competition in Beijing.

AKA, the routine that won her the all around gold medal in 2008.

3. Nadia Comaneci’s routines at the Montreal Olympics in 1976.

For the first recorded perfect 10 in history.

4. Allyson Felix winning gold in the 200m in London.

That face of determination.

5. Usain Bolt breaking three world records in 2008.

And dancing, per usual.

6. Ginobili’s highlights in Athens at the 2004 Summer Olympics.

Obi One Ginobili. Miss those shirts.

7. Michael Johnson winning two golds while setting two world records.

At the Atlanta Olympics in 1996.

8. Derek Redmond getting injured during his race and finishing anyway.

In the 1992 Olympics, his dad walked him across the finish line.

9. The Spice Girls coming out at the London closing ceremony.


10. Kerri Strug (a member of the Magnificent Seven) landing on her feet to win the gold medal for her team in 1996.

Even though she was severely injured during her first vault.

11. The USA women winning the beach volleyball semi-final in Beijing.

Walsh & May FTW.

12. Gabriela Andersen-Schiess’ legend of a finish in the marathon in 1984.

At the Los Angeles Olympic games. It was 90 degrees outside.

13. James Bond and the Queen parachuting into the London Olympics opening ceremony.

And those corgis.

14. Missy Franklin winning gold in 2016 in the 100m backstroke.

At 17, she won five medals, and four were golds.

15. USA’s basketball dream team in 1992.

Their team included Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Michael Jordan, and they won gold in Barcelona. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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