22 Unexpected Things You Can Do For Your S.O. To Make Any Day Special


1. Do the dishes they left in the sink after breakfast, if you have an extra few minutes in the morning. For all the dishes they’ve done for you, pop into the kitchen, and make sure they don’t have to deal with any when they come home.

2. Warm their socks up (very carefully) in the oven before you guys cuddle under a blanket together and put on a movie. Warms yours up too.

3. Make a weeknight fun by preparing a specialty cocktail for them after dinner. Get the ingredients for moscow mules, irish coffees (with decaf), martinis, etc. at the grocery store without them noticing, and then whip them up after your meal.

4. Say “I love you” to them first thing in the morning. Make those the very first words that come out of your mouth when you wake up.

5. If there’s a holiday that you have off, but they have to work through, show up at their office around lunch time with a fresh cup of coffee for them, and a nice lunch packed for two.

6. Draw them a bath. Yes, this sounds a bit old-fashioned in that it’s likely the same sentence Marie Antoinette said to her ladies in waiting, but it’s still a nice concept. Throw some bath salts in their, light some candles, and then tell them you have a surprise for them. (And, contrary to popular belief, this works for either sex — men can enjoy baths as much as women. What’s not to love about soaking in warm, lovely-smelling water?)

7. Clean their computer keyboard for them. Trust me. They’ll be THRILLED.

8. Arrive at their home on a night when you have plans to cook whatever’s in the fridge (or eat ramen… or cereal) with some delicious takeout from their favorite restaurant.

9. Offer to watch one of their shows with them, even though you both know you’d rather be watching something else. Even if you don’t always agree on what to watch, or what to listen to while you’re cooking dinner, sometimes it’s nice to go along with their preferences.

10. Text their parents a “Happy Birthday” without them having to remind you.

11. If you’re the one in the relationship who’s somewhat known for never making plans, make plans for a Saturday, and surprise them with a day full of activities.

12. When you’re cooking their favorite meal, actually remember to omit that one ingredient they hate. Personally, the way to my heart is by ensuring that a stir fry does not have peas in it.)

13. Make them breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning before they even wake up.

14. Let them shower first. Or share the shower, if that’s your thing.

15. When they offhandedly ask you to remind them of something, set a reminder for them, so you actually follow through. You don’t need to be their personal secretary, of course, but just once, when they ask, “what was that thing I was supposed to be doing at 8 AM?” it’d be impressive if you knew the answer.

16. Get dressed up in the nice shirt they always say they love on you that you never wear.

17. Frame the piece of art or picture they’ve been saying they want to frame for about six months. Then hang it on their wall when they’re out one day.

18. Suggest that you make them the meal of their choice in the outfit of their choice. The next night, make them do the same for you.

19. On a Monday, when you know you have no weekend plans, suggest you two go on a random, spontaneous, inexpensive trip. Drive or take the bus a few hours away, to a cute town you guys have always wanted to see. Go camping at a local campground, or chip in for a cheap Airbnb. It will make both of your weeks so much better to have something completely unexpected to look forward to.

20. Set a ~mood~ for when they come over on any random evening. Light some candles, hang string lights (if you want to be really ambitious), and put on some of their favorite music. If you two have been a rut lately, between work commitments and other obligations, sometimes it’s nice to just set aside a time to unwind together without distractions.

21. Put your phone away at the dinner table. If you’re someone who is constantly on your phone, they’ll be floored.

22. Leave them a note on their car dashboard, in their laptop bag, on the tupperware they take to the office for lunch, or even taped to their phone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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