27 Relationship Milestones You And Your SO Didn’t Even Realize You Hit This Year


1. Actually forming relationships with each other’s families. You’ve joined your significant other’s family group text. You’ve passed the point of just being friendly with their siblings, and now constantly talk about how you can’t wait to see your SO’s sister at Christmas.

2. Designating sides of the beds. It’s important.

3. Perfecting the art of preparing the other person’s coffee exactly how they like it prepared.

4. Figuring out their preferred type of cleaning product, preferred laundry detergent, preferred brand of toothpaste. You now — in the privacy of your own home so as to evade your friends’ eyerolls — refer to it as “our favorite brand.”

5. Taking a functional picture. This year, the two of you took a picture, not for Instagram, not to appease your parents so they’d have something to put on the mantel, but just because you wanted to.

6. Going on a trip together, just the two of you, that guys planned out and executed purely because you wanted a couple’s getaway, as opposed to because your friends invited you, or because you had to travel to see family.

7. Cutting out something healthy because you guys ~motivated each other~. You guys got rid of some vice together, whether it was smoking or diet soda.

8. As a pair, reclaiming whatever you gave up. But, like, doing it TOGETHER.

9. Developing an obsession with a television show that everyone else gave up on. Trying to convert all of your friends to become huge fans of “The Leftovers” on HBO. Failing.

10. Having a truly atrocious restaurant experience that was so laughable it actually made your night more fun instead of ruining it.

11. Deciding what you’re going to name your kid.

12. Or your cat.

13. Or your tea kettle.

14. Learning their underwear size, but not to buy sexy lingerie, just because you realized how much they really needed new underwear.

15. Developing your own weird way of pronouncing one word that you both use a lot. It drives 80% of your friends up a wall, and the other 20% of your friends think it’s adorable.

16. One of you giving the other their Netflix/HBOGo/Hulu Plus password. If that’s not commitment, what is?

17. Being comfortable walking around with half your clothes — not for sex reasons, just because you’re 100% comfortable with each other.

18. Reaching lol-worthy levels in the pet names category.

19. Using the other person as an excuse for why you’re not going out tonight. You’ve told your friends that you just have to stay in and take care of your SO, even though they’re not getting over a cold, and don’t desperately need to make them ginger tea.

20. One of you saying something that was supposed to come out as a sentence, but was actually complete gibberish, and the other catching every word.

21. Going on a run together and realizing you guys are either the workout buddies you’ve waited your whole lives for, or that you absolutely cannot stand exercising together, and vow to never do it again.

22. Taking a shot together because couple-shot-taking is hilariously cute, and not nearly as lame as everyone else says. Maybe.

23. Talking about all your past relationships, and realizing you feel even more comfortable with each other now knowing that everything is out in the open.

24. Wearing a couple’s costume, even if it wasn’t for Halloween. And the two of you were definitely the best Bonnie & Clyde, Mr. and Mrs. Claus, or
Mr. and Mr. Claus the world had ever seen.

25. Splitting holidays for the first time as a couple.

26. Succumbing to fast food together, and not telling anyone else about it. Couples who eat Taco Bell together without admitting it to anyone else, stay together.

27. Getting a dog together. Or spending most of your year contemplating getting a dog and/or stealing a dog off the street and raising it together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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