25 Questions That Will Officially Determine Which You Love More — Food Or Sex


1. Which is more of a sext: a dick pic, or pic of fries with a side of garlic aioli?

2. Would you rather attend a festival devoted entirely to chili, or make out with your high school SO just to see if it’s still fun?

3. Would you rather get an unlimited gift card (for life) to your favorite restaurant, or sleep with your celebrity crush?

4. Which phrase sounds more appealing to you: “all you can eat sushi” or “threesome”?

5. If you had to give up either cheese or oral sex, which would you choose?

6. You’ve been out at a bar with your friends all night and it’s time to head home: do you want nachos, or do you want to take someone home?

7. Would you rather someone cover you in whipped cream and lick it off, or cover an ice cream sundae in whipped cream and present it to you on a silver platter?

8. On a first date, are you more concerned with their restaurant choice, or what’s going to happen at the end of the date?

9. Your dream kitchen has stainless steel counter tops… are you fantasizing about chopping vegetables on that counter, or having sex on it?

10. When you and your SO are cuddling on the couch, what happens next: sex or ice cream?

11. Which word turns you on more: “Drake” or “fondue”?

12. Would you rather a subscription to Bon Appetit, or a subscription to Cosmo?

13. After a long day at work, would you rather decompress looking at food porn, or real porn?

14. On your phone, do you have a list of people you’ve slept with, or a list of restaurants you want to go to?

15. The last time you went away by yourself, or studied abroad, did you come home talking about the people you hooked up with, or the food you ate?

16. Do you spend more time on Yelp and Open Table, or on Tinder and Hinge?

17. Which one is on your bucket list: joining the mile high club, or being able to go into the first class lounge and see what snacks they offer?

18. Do you identify with Barney Stinson or the Barefoot Contessa?

19. What appeals to you more: a one night stand, or baked brie lightly topped with fig spread?

20. If you were to invite someone you were interested in over to hook up, would you offer to make them dessert, or would you tell them what you were wearing?

21. When your friend goes on the date, do you ask how the guy/girl was, or do you ask what they ordered?

22. Shower sex or shower snack?

23. If you go to a wedding without a plus one, are you more excited by the prospect of picking someone up, or having an extra slice of cake?

24. Are most of the origins of the stains on your clothing food-related or sex-related?

25. When you’re at happy hour, are your friends helping you chat someone up, or are you trying to convince them to split a half-priced app with you? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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