19 Low Maintenance Costumes For Girls Who Want To Spend No Time And No Money On Halloween

 Leo Hidalgo
Leo Hidalgo

1. Wear a nightgown, a bathrobe, and some makeup and call yourself a Sleeping Beauty. The early 2000s called to say hell yea, this costume idea is still highly relevant.

2. Wear any animal print attire you have, and a party hat, and call yourself a Party Animal. Then, if you feel like it, be a party animal. Safely.

3. Find all of your printed, flowy, flowery clothing and be a flower child.

4. Be a shadow. Wear all black, and follow different people around until they get it. Obviously, this should only be used if you’re going to a party where you know everyone, otherwise it gets weird.

5. Walk around with a picture frame. When someone asks you what you are, hold up the frame, and show them that you’re a self portrait.

6. Salt and pepa. One person wears white and writes and “S” on themselves. One person wears black and writes “P” on their shirt. Then walk around together singing “Shoop.” Quickly become every mid 80s – early 90s kids’ hero.

7. Wear a gray tank top. Then find gray sweatpants. Top if off with a gray flannel/sweatshirt/etc. You’re 50 Shades Of Grey. Comfort is sexy too.

8. Be a king/queen. Wear a pretty dress, and grab a crown for free at Burger King. You’re ironic and pretty. You can also use some Hilary Duff-esque twists, and call yourself a Cinderella Story.

9. Be “two-faced.” Wear whatever you want. Paint one side of your face blue. And you’re done. If you really want to commit, you can color one side of your shirt blue also, but that seems like a lot of effort for not much glory.

10. Find a group of four chicks or dudes who also don’t give any fucks. Everyone find a white t-shirt. Everyone draw a heart on said shirt. You’re Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band. The Beatles are always relevant.

11. Wear all black. Buy multi-colored tape and paste it all over yourself. You’re a subway map. You’re either going for the pity laugh because you’re reading this on October 30th, and don’t know what to wear out tomorrow, or you live in NYC and are about to be the most topical person in the room.

12. Be “Christmas Cheer.” Wear normal clothes, a Santa hat, and wrap Christmas lights around yourself. Then, go to a party and plug yourself in. Accept all of the drunk high fives offered because you’re the only person who thought to incorporate a plug in component into your costume, and you deserve credit for that.

13. Be Karen from Mean Girls. You’ll need a gray dress, mouse ears, and a healthy sense of shame. You’re a mouse. Duh.

14. If you’re artistically inclined, and have craft supplies, take a piece of poster board, and a blue marker, and draw your Facebook profile — put some information about yourself, make a Facebook wall, glue a quick photo on as your “cover photo.” Bring the blue marker to wherever you’re going so people can “write on your wall” — and cut a hole out where your profile picture would go. Put your face in said hole. You’re your own Facebook profile. Meta.

15. Wear a strapless shirt. Wrap your torso in wrapping paper, and find a bow to put on your head, or in your hair. You’re a birthday present. If you want to fully commit, make yourself a gift tag that says “Happy Birthday So and So” or even “Unwrap me,” depending on how you want to play it.

16. If you’re a dancer who has curly hair, wear a leotard, tights, leg warmers, and tease your curls. You’re the chick from Flashdance. Sing “Maniac” randomly throughout the evening.

17. Dress up as a kid. Wear your most embarrassing pajamas, and pigtails. Throw in slippers for good measure, and maybe hold a teddy bear. Everyone will wish they were as comfy as you are.

18. Be a sports fan. Put on your favorite team’s jersey. Walk outside. Accept that you’re the least original person of all time, and own it.

19. Wear a nightgown, and paste some Freud-esque sayings or words on yourself (think: “America is a giant mistake,” or something of that nature). You’re a Freudian “slip.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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