14 Undeniable Signs You’re The Couple Everyone Talks About

1. Your Instagram feed is entirely couples pictures all marked with #Tinder #Love, etc. etc.

2. You spend a lot of time rationalizing how you met, or why you’re as serious as you are, or why you aren’t as serious as one might think. The fact is no one is judging you about any of this until you choose to bring it up constantly.

3. You openly bicker in front of all of your friends. Every couple is entitled to their tense moments in front of friends, but you two are far beyond that. You snap at each other regularly and can’t contain your disagreements. When one of you is talking, the other is shaking their head, tuning out, or making fun of the other person as soon as they’re done speaking.

4. You’re known for being obnoxious when you get drunk together. If you’re one of the couples who is calm when sober then at each other’s throats causing a scene when you drink too much, no one loves being around that.

5. If one person in the relationship is clearly flirting behind the other’s back, and most people are wildly uncomfortable with how the other is getting treated. (And the other person in the relationship is the only one who’s oblivious to the fact that they aren’t being treated well.)

6. You’ve been together a very short amount of time and are openly talking about moving in together, marriage, or other serious commitments in front of your friends’. What you do in private is an entirely different story, but setting a serious precedent in front of friends after a few months is a lot.

7. If one party in the relationship has made it clear that they dislike the other’s friend group, then they’re all discussing it behind your back. Friends who have been close to someone for a while never like to get pushed aside for new significant other who doesn’t approve of them.

8. As a couple you have a type of humor that no one else quite gets, and the two of you make everyone else feel like they’re never quite in on the joke.

9. You’re a “we” couple. You’re attached at the hip, always together, and it’s assumed that when one person is making a decision they’re factoring the other in. You only ever make decisions as a couple, and when people ask what you did last night, you always answer with, “what we did last night.”

10. You never go somewhere without the other person. It’s always the elephant in the room when you try to have a ~girls night~ and someone brings their significant other.

11. You can’t keep your hands off each other to an excessive degree. Holding hands and having an arm around each other is fine, of course, but PDA in a group of people isn’t putting anyone at ease.

12. You’re overly open about problems in your relationship and continue the fight on social media, in front of guest’s and at friends’ parties. You also overshare when it comes to things in the ~bedroom~. Making blatant references to your sex life isn’t lost on anyone, but they won’t engage on it until after you leave the room.

13. You’re both superior when it comes to knowing everything there is to know about functional relationships, making things last and conflict resolution. Now that you’ve been opened up to love by one another, you need to share, and give advice about your love, even if you’ve only been together 3 months.

14. Your friends tried for a while to not mute you both on social media and even gave you a courtesy like on ~couples pics~ every now and then. But they’ve long since given up because they can’t take it anymore. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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