16 People On The Weirdest, Most Ridiculous Thing They’ve Ever Traded For Drugs

1. “A buddy of mine used to float me money for bumps of cocaine. It wasn’t too often, but I ended up running up a couple hundred dollar tab, and I didn’t have the money to pay him back. So I gave him a gift card to a steakhouse, that my grandmother had given me to take my girlfriend out. So I traded a Ruth Chris gift card for coke.”

2. “I waited tables all through college. At the end of my shift, I’d take my shift meal to go, and trade it to a kid in my class for Adderall. It was a great system.”

3. “I wouldn’t say I’m trading sex for weed but, like, I’m not keeping the hook-up going for the sex. I just go over to his house to smoke after we hook up. Yeah, fine, I’m trading sex for weed.”

4. “Literally the shirt off my back. It was the middle of the fucking desert so I figured I was the one getting the good deal, because the shirt didn’t seem necessary. I ended up with the sunburn from hell.”

5. “In Florence I wanted to try molly at a club because it’s Europe and that’s what you do when you’re busy being a basic bitch. So I showed a guy my boob. Only one. No idea why it was only one boob. My friends still call it my ‘Janet Jackson moment.’”

6. “My cousins live in a different country and always ask for us to bring their favorite American brands. (For example, they don’t have Victoria Secret.) So I’d bring my older cousin new bras, etc. and in exchange, she’d buy me whatever recreation I wanted when we went out.”

7. “I went to Burning Man for seven years in a row. The whole purpose of Burning Man is to exchange goods/services without money. So, I’ve traded a lot of things for drugs. Most notably: Tent stakes, 12 hours of cooler use. And occasionally food, or alcohol.”

8. “Bumps of cocaine for nitrous balloons. It probably wasn’t the most economical decision I’ve ever made.”

9. “I’ve used Whisper to buy drugs once. It’s an anonymous secret sharing app, and typically the people who say they deal are hoping you’ll contact them to make a trade. I’ve only done it once and it’s pretty messed up because they always want you to trade hot girls or sex. So I told the guy my three hot roommates and I wanted to buy. He ended up being like 19 and we just all hung out and he provided pretty much whatever we wanted for free. It was sketchy, but I still have his number.”

10. “My roommate harvested weed throughout college. And then used it to pay his share of the cable bill. He’s outgrown that phase, but has recently offered some poppers to pay utilities. No one minded it.”

11. “I’m dating my dealer now. So… love?”

12. “I once got really drunk and tried to convince someone to give me ketamine for cereal. It made sense. Special K for Special K? Except I think I was offering knockoff Cheerios.”

13. “Dog sitting services for drugs. I still do it.”

14. “I went to prom with his little sister for free weed. You don’t ever want to be the stoned 20-year-old at a junior prom. Trust me.”

15. “I trade coke for company, and vice versa, but not in a sad way. I like it more than everyone else I know, and if you’re trying to stay up to do coke all night, you don’t really want to do it alone. So I’d buy enough for me and two other guys, so we could all stay up and do it together.”

16. “I’ve gotten shrooms from a former employer. It was like trading in a severance package for drugs.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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