20 Things To Stop Doing In 2015 (And 20 To Start Doing Instead)

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Leanne Surfleet

1. Stop waiting for someone to change.
(Start accepting that you can’t control people.)

2. Stop constantly checking how many people have liked your Instagram photo.(Start to find another way to spend that time.)

3. Stop interrupting your friends just to turn the conversation back to you.
(Start your conversation but asking them to tell you about their lives.)

4.Stop putting off calling your grandparents.
(Start calling them on a day other than their birthday.)

5. Stop losing time sitting in traffic.
(Start listening to audio books, or podcasts in the car.)

6. Stop collecting “frenemies.”
(Start devoting more time to the people you actually like.)

7. Stop being frustrated that you don’t have a quality you think you should have.(Start picking one virtue to practice at the beginning of 2015, like moderation or patience.)

8. Stop chastising yourself for not being like someone else.
(Start recognizing your best qualities.)

9. Stop fighting the kale revolution.
(Start accepting that it’s bigger than all of us and try putting it in your smoothies.)

10. Stop telling yourself not to cry.
(Start crying when you need to.)

11. Stop thinking you need to pick an attainable resolution.
(Start pushing your own boundaries.)

12. Stop saying, “I don’t eat that” – unless you have a dietary restriction.
(Start trying something you never expected to like.)

13. Stop snapping at your mom.
(Start to appreciate your parents’ perspective.)

14. Stop checking your phone during dinner.
(Start encouraging your friends to do the same.)

15. Stop doing all of your shopping online.
(Start going to stores. Start interacting with the retail staff. Be nice to them.)

16. Stop wearing the same underwear you’ve had for 3 years.
(Start buying better underwear. You deserve it.)

17. Stop asking people what they do for a living.
(Start to remember that people aren’t only defined by what they do.)

18. Stop making excuses for not going to the gym.
(Start finding a form of exercise you’ll enjoy more than using a treadmill.)

19. Stop calling everything cliché.
(Start accepting that some things are popular because they’re awesome.)

20. Stop texting the person you like.
(Start to grow a pair and pick up the phone to call him/her.) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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