How To Break Up With Someone


Next time you break someones heart, please do it gently.

Do not place a microscope over their flaws or discourage them from expressing their love.
Do not tell them how you will miss the sex, as if that is the most they had to offer.
Do not continually shift the narrative. Stick with first person and speak clearly and concisely. When they ask “why?”, repeat what you have said (the clear version).

Do not play the game where you brainstorm why you do not want them as they stand there and wait.
Do not bring them to a loud bar, speak to them in a safe space.
Be sober.

“It’s not you, its me” is a cliche, but it is a classic for a reason.
Be gentle and if you feel you tried, try harder.

Be wary of backhanded compliments such as “you deserve to be with someone who appreciates you, who is excited to be with you.” These statements may be true but they will only
resound pain.

Their flaws are theirs to work through. I emphasize this because this one is important. Do not bring your friends opinions into the conversation, you are the only one who cares what your friends think.

A t this moment you are focused on what they did wrong, where they fell short, understand that this will change-keep that in mind as you have what is bound to be a circular conversation.

If they were a kind, loving partner, use this moment to be kind in return.
Do not describe the hypothetical woman that they did not live up to.
I repeat, do not describe the hypothetical woman that they did not live up to.
Pay for the drinks, this is not the time to go dutch.
Do not act as though you are doing them a favor – even if you know that you are.
Leave your ego at the door because you are about to knock theirs out in the first round.

Be gentle. Be patient. Be kind. Be more than you think you need to be because this is the last piece they will have of you.

In the future, be better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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