5 Reasons Why Every Girl Should Have A Hookup Rotation

Having 4 guys at my beck and call was amazing. It’s beyond validating to simply be wanted.
(Wikimedia Commons)
(Wikimedia Commons)

Sleeping with 3 guys while talking to a 4th might seem crazy, but it was actually incredibly liberating. I’ve since settled down a bit, but I firmly believe every young person should experience multiple hookups simultaneously. That’s not to say you should lie or cheat! But if you’re an unattached single who is transparent about what you want? Go for it. Below are 5 reasons the rotation life is worth a shot.

1. Your confidence goes through the roof.

Having 4 guys at my beck and call was amazing. It’s beyond validating to simply be wanted. Sure, in this case it’s for sex, but if that’s what you want, more power to you. There’s something so empowering and awesome about being able to drive someone mad with desire. It’s wonderful to have another person wash away all your self-doubt with their reaction of pure lust to your body.

2. You look freaking hot.

All that sex is major cardio, which means you totally burned off the burger you had for lunch. Why go to the gym when you can get your freak on? There’s also the sexy glow and a mysterious, come-hither look that says you have a secret. It’s extremely satisfying to know that the world sees you as a Goody Two Shoes when you’re actually banging multiple people in the same week.

3. You never get clingy.

More guys means less time to obsess. It’s refreshing to not be consumed by thoughts of whether someone likes you. Those pesky “Is he talking to other girls?” and “Will he text me?” thoughts are gone because you’re too busy to wonder. You also don’t care enough to overanalyze every communication and it’s easier to ask him flat-out if he wants to come over. All that time usually spent worrying about what a crush thinks of you can be put towards useful things like fucking someone else or eating pizza.

4. Someone’s always free.

Number 1 not down? Call number 2 or 3, etc. No hard feelings and you still get laid. One of my favorites didn’t even need to be asked. On occasion, read: frequently, I’d just send the smirking emoji with a question mark and he would tell me when he was free. I was thoroughly enjoying myself with him one day when one of the others buzzed me asking to come over. THIS is why it’s important to make sure your phone locks #oops. I’d recommend hanging out with the other one the next day, but if you’re dying for round 2, it’s probably considerate to shower. Yes, you smell like sex.

5. You’re never bored.

Men are like ice cream (yum) and they come in a lot of different flavors. Each dude has his own style in bed which means you’ll be satisfied no matter your mood. Want to cuddle? There’s a guy for that. In the mood for kinky sex? Booty call the other one. Slow and sensual with some R & B in the background more your vibe? He’ll be there in 10 minutes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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