10 Little But Amazing Things Every 30-Something Knows To Be True

Ilya Yakover

I’m not a master or some kind of mentor. But I’m in my 30’s and I know if you treat it right, life is easier than it seems. Despite I dare to make such lists, I force myself to recall these simple points all the time. Day by day, month by month. Though the progress is slow, I believe, grasping them will make my life better. Actually, it already did in many ways.

Will it help you? I don’t know. But if at least one of these points will make your life simpler, it’ll make me happier. So, let me share my thoughts, and if we’re lucky, make you a little happier, too.

1. Life can happen the way you didn’t expect.
When you’re 13, you wait for the prince and the castle, or for the successful career in art and house at the beach. Those dreams are beautiful. You truly desire it and don’t consider other variants. However, sometimes the reality differs from your dreams. At first, you fight it thinking it’s unfair. You get upset, ask yourself if you really deserve it, and why life is unfavorable to you. It exhausts you. But eventually, you learn to accept the life as it is; you understand it is unpredictable but amazing, and you realize every day is a gift you have to be thankful for.

2. There are no reasons to regret. It’s pointless to blame yourself for making wrong decisions, saying too much or too little. It doesn’t make any sense. You have no reasons to regret, cause you did have strong reasons for all your deeds. That is the truth. Analyzing just makes it worse. Let it go and move on.

3. Changes are for the best. Always. And it’s not only the words. Change is development no matter what kind of change it is. The altered circumstances instigate you to improve yourself, to adhere new habits and upgrade your level. Even if you don’t see the positive sides now, one day you’ll be surprised how new skills or perspective will benefit you.

4. To be afraid is okay, but to take over the fear is much better. You can find a million reasons why something frightens you, why you don’t want to do something or try something new, and keep depriving yourself all the fun. Or you can accept the fact that you can’t control everything, let things happen and enjoy every moment of life. The choice is obvious.

5. Quality time alone with yourself is a must. I love my friends and family very much. I can’t imagine my life without them. However, the time alone with my myself helps me to love my life and close people even more. Walking in the streets alone or having a cup of cappuccino in the little cafe helps me to put my thoughts in order and refresh. The positive impact of such tradition is impossible to overestimate.

6. Things are useless, traveling is priceless.
It’s unreal to have enough shoes, right? It’s so girlish. And despite I tend to minimalism, sometimes, I think so, too. But does new shoes or dress make you happy? Yes, it does. For a moment. And traveling is what gives you unlimited energy and inspiration, brings colors and harmony in your life, makes you feel satisfied and happy for a long time. Only traveling enough, I feel alive.

7. Never shush your inner child. Many people used to make fun of those who act childish or enjoy things that are supposed for children. Do not listen to them. Pamper your inner child as much as your own real one. Only satisfying their needs you can actually be happy.

8. Do not criticize. Listening is not enough. Try to understand people. Each of us has their unique story no one else has experienced. Even though we don’t understand something, it doesn’t mean we can’t. Make an effort. Try.

9. We are different. It’s unbelievable how much we differ! Sometimes, it blows my mind what dissimilar opinions we have, what contradictory decisions we make. It can be annoying, sure. But in fact, it’s amazing. You never get bored. There is no chance you’ll meet all the types ever! So, you keep exploring. Learn to enjoy the process, so then the conflicts and hostility become history.

10. We are the same.
It’s unbelievable how similar we can be! Same wishes and same fears, same achievements, and same difficulties, same likes, and dislikes. No matter how shy or intimidated you’re, communication is a key. It’s as simple as that—you’re a part of this world. Don’t hide. Live. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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