7 Reasons Why It’s So Hard To Be The Girl Who Falls In Love Too Fast

Christin Hume

1. The problem with us girls who love too hard is that we forgive too easily. The infidelity, lying, and manipulation break us down and yet we come back (or never leave) because when you truly love someone you understand we are only human and therefore you forgive. Then it continues to happen and it becomes an intoxicating cycle that fills with you with such joy and satisfaction every time you makeup and it fuels the incorrect notion that they are changing and want you as bad as you want them.

2. We are fixers. We fall and then take on our new significant others burdens because why would we want someone we love to unnecessarily suffer? There problems turn into our worries, our late nights and our distractions and then when they decide to move on to the next girl they leave us with the pain of a breakup and the pain of knowing we were unsuccessful in relieving there hurt.

3. We fall too fast, which means we trust when trust shouldn’t be given. We come into the relationship so quickly and hard that we hand over our trust because we have no time to think about the reasons why we shouldn’t. Giving someone your trust is the only way it can be broken and we are setting ourselves up for failure because as stated above we are fixers and aren’t giving our trust to people who understand its true beauty.

4. We blame ourselves. They could have another girl in our dorm room, lie about there feelings, not protect us when we deserve it, or mislead us with where the relationship is headed and yet because we idolize this person we take out the agony of the breakup or feelings of loss on ourselves and replay the relationship over and over trying to break down every argument to figure out where it went wrong.

5. We expect to be loved in return the way we give our love. Our views on the world and the harshness of reality are distorted and despite the brutal pain our world has we only see the positives until it is too late and we are forced to feel heartbreak. We assume the world shares our views on love, because who wouldn’t want to feel valued, respected, adored and worshipped to the fullest?

6. We still worry what people think about us once they are gone. We hear the lies they tell about us to try and make themselves feel better for cheating and lying and yet instead of realizing it is in the nature of a manipulative boy we let it sting our hearts as we take responsibility for the things they share with other people even though they never actually happened. We worry that these stories will actually stick and become our reputation when in reality good people will be able to see through his bullshit and those who don’t are worth our time, our loving hearts anyways. They will identify that it takes a small, incompetent man to cheat and then not take responsibility for such a dishonorable thing.

7. When we do find the right man, the man who loves us back the way we deserve, it is the most satisfying feeling in the world and it makes every asshole in our past worth it. Every time we hear “I love you” and feel the authenticity behind the words it strengthens us and our relationship. Every time he leaves the house and you know he is being faithful it relieves the anxiety that you once felt constantly. He will be the man you dreamed of as a girl. He will treat you in a way it makes you question the little girl who stayed with someone who was any less than she deserved. He will be the man who makes it impossible for you to ever love TOO hard again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I am a 19 year old girl from Michigan studying to become a labor and delivery nurse.

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