The Art Of Letting Go

It is hard to grasp the process of how certain people come in our lives. There has to be so many things that fall into place in order for us to meet. Little details, that if overlooked would change the whole course of any relationship as we know it. Some relationships will come to be the best that life can possibly offer and others will have an expiration date. No matter the amount of time, each individual in my life has made an impression to last a lifetime – which is what makes letting go of anyone all the more difficult.

Learning to gracefully let go is probably one of life’s biggest lessons. Sadly, we have not mastered it– the beautifully bittersweet art of letting go. If we had, there wouldn’t be any heartache. People are and will be constantly moving out of your life whether it by choice, unfortunate circumstances, or by death they are always leaving as they are coming.

It’s when they leave that we have the urge to do things we promised some time ago or want to say the thoughts that might have been running around our minds for God knows how long, but were left unsaid because we could never find the right time or right choice of words. Like every cliché saying, it’s in these moments that we are able to muster up the courage to feel what we are actually experiencing instead of pushing it aside because everyday life calls for us to be strong. In losing those most dear to us, no matter what the conditions, we are given an excuse to fall into ourselves for a moment in time.

Sending someone on their way will never be an easy task, at least not to me, but at the end of the day it’s part of a cycle that will undoubtedly not change. Even if you want to hold onto someone for a lifetime, when the time comes they will leave. So, try to take in the times of silence with them but remember that there are times in which the silence can be broken with the words we are too shy to mutter. Don’t wait until their parting to find the time to say the words that could stick with them until the end, or to do the things that will give them a smile in the darkest of times. Do it when they are here, because in a second’s time you could find that they have moved on from this chapter of your life to the next one of theirs, whatever it may be.

The thoughts that you have been longing to say, let them flow as words from your concealed mind to the ears waiting to listen to them. The hug you forgot to give last time, remember it for the next and the feelings you might be holding back because you are waiting for exactly the right moment, express them now. So, when the time comes you might be able to let them go because you have done it all without the regrets and when they cross your mind sometime in the future, send them your love and breathe it out then lastly, let them go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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