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What’s Meant For You Will Always Be Yours

If you’re caught in between loving someone harder and letting them go for good, this one’s for you.

I want you to know that falling in love with someone’s potential or with the person who you so wish they were will not make up for the fact that they are still not that person.

If the representation in your head does not reflect in reality, it’s time to let them go. As much as it hurts, I want you to know that when you make room in your life and in your heart, you will be met with people, complete strangers, whose souls will connect with yours and whose spirit will match with you.

When you let go of what isn’t and instead open yourself up to what can be, I hope you are reminded that all along, the only thing standing between you and all the love you are deserving of was yourself.

Place your trust in the timing of life and in the powers above; if things aren’t working as you hoped, perhaps that is your sign that right now, this chapter of your life was not meant to be about love. Take away the lesson that comes with unrequited love; may you be reminded that love, no matter how deep, cannot change what’s not meant to be.

If you’re finding it hard to let someone go, I want you to remember that the things meant for you will be yours, and the right people for you are always within your reach. Love is reciprocal, and it will happen when you have reached that point in your story.

In the meantime, invest all that love back into yourself, better your soul, and work on raising your vibration. I promise you, you will attract the love you put out when it is the love that is meant to be yours.

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