Be Thankful To The Person Who Broke Your Heart

This goes out to everyone who has ever had their hearts broken and are still picking up the pieces on their own.

Everyone has a different story of their heartbreaks, whether it be your significant other who cheated on you or their parents were not happy with the two of you dating, both of you were always fighting due to misunderstandings or simply one of you fell out of love for the other. No matter what you went through or who your significant other is or was, you should learn how to be thankful to them.

“But why would I be thankful to someone who broke my heart, made me cry and miserable?” you might ask. The main reason to thank them is that, because of them, you will be molded into a more mature and stronger person than you were, without realizing it they are the factors in your life that will push you to be stronger than you imagined you will ever be. To mature physically and mentally as a person, which will make you stronger in the future.

After your break up, you will feel like your world is falling apart and you are at the lowest point of your life, you feel empty and alone always drowning in your tears. This is where we as human shine the most, when you are at the bottom and there is nowhere to go but up.

From the bottom of this pit, you will slowly make your way up to the surface and see your worth as a person, you will realize things much clearly compared to before and you will be more careful with how and who you give your love to. Most of all, in this stage you will learn how to love yourself more and the people around you specially those who help you during your time of need.

Be thankful to that person because they taught you how much you would go through for someone you love, and the lengths you would go through to make the person you love happy whether it’s buying them gifts that you saved up for no matter how expensive it is just to see them happy, cooking for the person you love even when you can’t cook, walking or driving long distances just to see or hug the person you love and most of all, sacrificing your time and energy just to watch a movie or hang out with the person you love even if you are tired.

Be thankful to that person because they taught you how to cherish every moment and everything your significant other does from the way they hold your hand to the way they laugh, the way their lips touch yours, the way their hugs feel so warm but most of all you will know how to cherish the way someone tells you “I Love You,” either through a simple text message or a phone call.

Be thankful to that person because now you know how to take care of your heart and know what your worth is. You learn how to control your emotions and feelings so that you will not experience that excruciating pain of a heartbreak, you also learn how to see your worth as a person to the point that you know when to walk away from a relationship that’s not worth fighting for or fight for that relationship because you see how much that person loves you.

Lastly, be thankful to that person because they made you feel loved even for a short period of time. Some people don’t even have the chance to feel love or even lose love before they are taken away; they wouldn’t get to have those emotions — both good and bad, of being hurt and being held. They taught us to see that one of the greatest gifts of being alive is the ability to give, receive and even lose love. What a waste if we don’t strive to love in our lives and waste this life by not loving.

You may not realize it now but in the future, you will and when that time comes that both of you have moved on try to personally thank the person who broke your heart because they taught you how to be stronger through the heartbreak you experienced, tell them how thankful you are for them loving you and most of all thank them because they let you go so that someone better will come into your life and make it all worth the wait. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Lauren Rushing

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